Seeing as last night was politically jam-packed, I figure I should take the time to inform you, dear reader, of what happened.

For the Good, the Bad and the down right Ugly…

The Good

  • Ohio’s Anti-Union SB-5 went down, hard.
  • Mississippi, in a rare act of clarity, rejected an attempt to ban abortion and birth control, and put a serious damper on what could have been a national movement.
  • A second Cain accuser has come forward (more on Cain in The Ugly).
  • The designer of the terrible Arizona immigration law has gone down in a recall election (to a fellow Republican, but a palatable one).
  • Georgia likes her booze.  Except for Forest Park.
  • A Michigan Republican Representative (Paul Scott) has been recalled, and a Democrat knocked off an incumbent GOP mayor in Erie County, NY (home of Buffalo).
  • Democrats keep the majority in the Iowa State Senate.
  • And Democrats maintain control of Kentucky’s executive!

The Bad

  • On a non-political note, probably one of the most harrowing things you’ll ever see.  I suggest you not seek out the indictment.
  • This just makes me extremely sad.  Sometimes, the right person doesn’t win.
  • First person not named Trevor Southerland to tell me why this is a bad thing wins nothing of importance.
  • I guess you can count me amongst this group.
  • Down in Chatham, some of our good friends like Pam Miller and Bill Gillespie didn’t emerge victorious this time.  Next time, y’all!  For what it’s worth, all but Garden City went for SAS, and the E-SPLOST won out, as well.

The Ugly

  • Tell Mark Block that checking your facts before you spew them out is important.  Because otherwise, you just look desperate.
  • This guy.
  • Is he really blaming sexual harassment allegations on Democrats?  Doesn’t he know that we’d love to face him in a general election?

3 Responses to Your Overnight Linkdump

  1. Tim says:

    Also on the bad – losing control of the VA state senate. that kinda sucked. ALthough to be fair we were outspent by a good bit.

  2. Trevor Southerland says:

    Oh, oh, I know why… oh… not Trevor Southerland…

    Fine, be that way.