Here’s the story.

I’m kind of sad.  I really like Keenan Thompson’s portrayal of him on SNL.


5 Responses to Herman Cain drops out, nobody cares

  1. Juliana says:

    @Eddie… I think his ego is too big for GA, oh and this is where all of his side girls seems to live.

  2. Juliana says:

    so the CW on this is he’s holding out till Jan 1 to qualify for taxpayer matching funds. Reason number 325 why I never check that box anymore on my income tax….oh that and John Edwards gaming the system…well till the feds caught up with him that is.

    Herman, enjoy trying to get a gig at the Washington Speakers Bureau, or Fox news who seems to be the last refuge of failed conservative candidates.

  3. EGaluszka says:

    Republicans are already trying to recruit him to primary Nathan Deal, so don’t get too comfortable without him.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      Not to worry. Cain will follow the trail blazed by Palin to living large as a GOP luminary while leading the GOP into the ground.

      It’s already started—see Juliana’s remark about Cain sticking around for matching funds below.

      The Cain following can be expected to clamor for Cain to preach conservatism to the great unwashed—like a self-proclaimed Constitutionalist that doesn’t know that “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness aren’t in the Constutition, and thinks that Muslim’s shouldn’t be political appointees or that China doesn’t have has nuclear weapons is going to win any converts.

      The Cain campaign has largely ignored campaigning in states where early Presidential campaigning actually matters. He’s thus laid the ground work to rebut questions about his campaigning, or more aptly, vacationing (Hawaii’s first ever Presidential primary is in warm sunny early March) and book tours on the taxpayer dime.