Most memorable moment of 2011?

Bucket List items to check off?

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3 Responses to New Year’s Eve Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    Nowhere to put this, via Will Milberg @ The New School on an essential question: “Why is the political class in favor of fiscal austerity when the economists are not?”

    Via Triple Crisis. JMP

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    I’m predicting (or maybe hoping is a better characterization) that there won’t be GOP supermajorities in either chamber of the General Assembly (though a Senate GOP supermajority would have high entertainment potential).

    Dems were hurt by egregious 2002 redistricting. The 2012 GOP redistricting was lousy based on it ignoring what the public expressed as most important in shaping districts. The sacrificing of community of interest representation for the benefit of GOP leadership at the expense of the people can be exploited.

    Rising anti-incumbency is another help, especially when the incumbent is not really an incumbent throughout the district because of redistricting. (What easier way to register dissatisfaction with incumbency that by turning out someone not really the incumbent or known in the first place?)

    Factor in legislation like that proposed by Albers where mishandling can peel off another one or two percent. (Stands to reason in a 55-45 GOP-Dem state that more than half of the 8%+ unemployed are unemployed Republicans. The unemployed won’t take kindly to a reduction in unemployment benefits, and GOP voters in particular can be expected to be sensitive if it’s being done because they’ve been cast as lazy free-loaders that won’t take a job.)

    One or two percent on this or that issue in an environment where the spread on what constitutes a safe seat was likely reduced, where GOP leadership that hasn’t produced anything after ten years of control of government, and where 2012 Presidential candidates will be in play, will result in surprises.

    My advice to the DPG is special focus on running good candidates in reconstituted metro-Atlanta GOP-held districts in areas trending Democratic.

  3. JMPrince says:

    Stolen from Barry R.: Educate yourself for Free @ MIT:

    And a helpful reminder of why The Worst Congress Ever is unlikely to renew the payroll tax cut going forward, and why the GOP does not care if it expires: