Dems Fire Back At GOP Proposals To Drug Test Jobless: ‘You Pee In The Cup’

More great coverage for Rep. Scott Holcomb’s bill to drug test Georgia Legislators. This story is currently number one on Huffington Post. Go Scott go!

UPDATE: Editorial: Drug testing bill could get interesting, from ABH

2 Responses to Democratic deliciousness

  1. Ladida says:

    Oh dear Daniel. I doubt any such provisions exist in the GOP bill. Their legislation is generally superficial and politically motivated. They don’t seem to take real Georgians into account when passing the canned legislation from ALEC. It’s so discouraging.

  2. Daniel says:

    *TMI Warning*

    So I don’t receive UI or Medicaid services. I do, however, receive SS Disability at the moment. If my situation were to change, under these potential new laws, I may have to apply for further state assistance.

    Here’s the problem: I don’t pee. I can’t pee. My body doesn’t function in such a manner that urine is created. Soooo, I couldn’t participate in a state required urine test.

    So I only assume that the GOP bills would take that into consideration and have appropriate provisions in order to help them see just which drugs I happen to (or not be) using?