Really VA GOP, really?

The state Republican Party will require voters to sign a loyalty oath in order to participate in the March 6 presidential primary.

Anyone who wants to vote must sign a form at the polling place pledging to support the eventual Republican nominee for president. Anyone who refuses to sign will be barred from voting in the primary.

During a brief meeting Wednesday at the state Capitol, the State Board of Elections voted 3-0 to approve three forms developed by the election board’s staff to implement the loyalty pledge requested by the state GOP.

This whole thing smacks of the realization that all your potential candidates are weak.

I expect some GA GOP ninny to float this. I’m taking bets on who will the first to pipe up about it on the first day of session. Charlice Byrd could easily be in the top slot or maybe Ed Setzler who has a pretty wide conspiracy streak in him.

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3 Responses to Pity the Poor Open Primary State

  1. Dave Bearse says:

    Let ’em have their echo chamber. We’re seeing the results of a race for the wingnut vote. The GOP is on a trajectory that unless changed is eventually going to cost them safe seats.

  2. Julianal says:

    @JenB I have no idea, but I can’t imagine anyone who calls themselves an Independent will want to participate in the R primary.

  3. Jen B. says:

    Uhm. How is this enforceable?