Join metro Atlanta area Democrats (everyone is welcome!) to watch the last State of the Union of President Obama’s FIRST term.  We’ll have drinking games, door prizes and lots of fun!  Gather at 7 PM for drinking, eating and conversation.  The address begins at 9PM.  Amsterdam has plenty of TVs for our viewing pleasure. C’mon down, it’ll be fun!

WHAT: State of the Union Watch Party
WHEN: Tuesday, January 24th, 7PM-10PM (or so)
WHERE:  Amsterdam,  502-A Amsterdam Avenue, Atlanta  30306
WHO:  Sponsored by the Mid-Fulton Dems, everyone is welcome!


4 Responses to State of the Union Watch Party!

  1. Jules says:

    dang, sorry I missed it…

  2. JMPrince says:

    The tweets that were almost too sweet:

  3. Catherine says:

    IRE – Manuel’s was booked!

  4. ire says:

    Really? Ugh. I was all stoked to go to Manuel’s. Its been months since I’ve been there. IIRC 2007 was the last time that has happened.