Despite his earlier shenanigans, Judge Michael Malihi has assessed all of the facts, and has come to the realization that Orly Taitz is insane.  Yes, it took him longer than usual, but we’re all glad he came to his senses.

When we find out where President Obama was really born, we’ll update you with more news.

Now, can we please, like, get on with something remotely important and leave our tin foil hats elsewhere?


5 Responses to Breaking: President Obama Not Born in Kenya

  1. JMPrince says:

    I don’t know what was there, but in honor of the Superbowl, Col. Flick explains it all for you. Where’s the money? In the endzone!

    I know, really obscure, but strangely bipartisan too. Giants, of course. JMP

  2. Pat says:

    [Comment removed by administrator with apologies to readers.]

  3. JMPrince says:

    Other things less predictable than imagined, but had to be seen to be believed. Bishop Eddie Long is still not Jewish, and still not a King. Video guaranteed to offend most living faiths begins below. Watch for the ceremonial championship belt too:

    File under ‘Bogus’ and ‘Other meaningless but wasteful imaginary fantasies’. JMP