So, earlier today Karen Handel resigned from the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Her letter here. It includes turning down the severance package, which seems dumb, unless she wants to go public with more of the story.

The glee could be felt from numerous quarters, from these people to these people.

While I share in the smug satisfaction that no doubt social media played an enormous role in bringing substantial pressure to the doorstep of the Komen Foundation, I worry that she’ll just resurface in another place and get up to the same tricks. It would really just be easier if her BFF Ari Fleischer would arrange for the Heritage Foundation to hire her. Perhaps she’d fit in with the boys over here.  Come to think of it, the Southern Poverty Law Center has a handy list of hate groups she could send her resume to. I hate to think of Karen on the streets trading political favors for boniva.

Sorry America you had to share our pain, but sometimes these creatures are like hydras.

3 Responses to Ding Dong…

  1. Tim says:

    Doesn’t mean she’s not right 🙂

  2. Cranky & Crusty says:

    Jesus, Juliana is the meanest poster ever.

  3. Nostradamus says: