Let’s talk about abortion for a moment.  I’ve said before that I’m personally pro-life, in that if I were a woman faced with a pregnancy, I probably would have difficulty in terminating the pregnancy.  But I’m not a woman.  I’m not pregnant.  I don’t know how it feels to be pregnant and in a tough situation.  I have no earthly idea.  So I know that my opinion as a male should not dictate what any individual female can and cannot do with her own body.  That’s what pro-choice means- not an affirmation of the merits of abortion, but the recognition that one adult should not tell another adult what they can and cannot do with their body, be it getting a tattoo or carrying a baby to term.

But here’s the thing.  This is a discussion about adults to adults.  And that’s where Rep. Byrd starts deluding herself.

I’m not an expert in child law, but I can summarize my knowledge as follows: adults (parents especially) have the qualified right to impose their will upon minor children.  We do it in umpteen ways already: compulsory education, mandatory vaccinations, and the like.  And, by and large, these impositions serve the public welfare.  God forbid our children are smart and healthy.

And what about healthy kids?  An estimated 40% of Georgia children are obese, the second highest rate in the nation.  For those of you unaware, obesity is a serious epidemic with serious consequences.  When I go to the voting booth, I select the candidate that I believe will solve Georgia’s problems most effectively.  Childhood obesity in Georgia is a problem.  And those elected officials that are “forcing” (I personally would use the term “suggesting” or “educating,” but what do I know) healthy living on these children are simply trying to correct a serious problem to which the state contributes, through unhealthy lunches and subpar dietary education.  And, I should note, this isn’t exactly something that Democrats alone recognize.

I can’t believe I even have to write this post.  I’m in awe that any Georgian would make this comparison with complete indifference to any possible reality, much less an elected official.  Is there anyone running against her yet?


7 Responses to And now, an opportunity to bash a Republican

  1. DougH2 says:

    I commend the First Lady. The attention she brings to this real problem has no force of law. These political opportunists have pounced on her with the Conservative rhetoric. Fortunately, even their supporters realize that this negative attention is ill-conceived.

    Our children really do need better guidance. Even over-weight parent would much rather their children not be the fat kid at school. In the extreme, they certainly don’t want their children to suffer, in some cases, irreversible health consequences of poor nutrition.

    Parents are looking for guidance to steer them away from the choices they and perhaps their parents made. The First Lady is providing that guidance. God bless her in that effort.

  2. meanoldman says:

    Charlice was probably out of her mind when she made that statement. In fact, that’s probably the excuse for everything she says. Plausible deniability due to insanity?

  3. Barbara in the Woods says:

    Type II Diabetes is now regularly seen in children. It was once a disease seen only in older adults. Diabetes may lead to: blindness, amputation of limbs, kidney failure and the need for dialysis, and circulatory problems.

    Why would Charlise not want to prevent a serious disease? Because she is completely incapable of logical thought?

  4. Jen B. says:

    Wait. What’s wrong with forcing a healthy balanced diet on kids? I has a confus.