Cline: Georgia abortion bill ill-advised medically

House Bill 954 threatens to put an obstetrician in jail for caring for any pregnancy with complications after 20 weeks. If this legislation becomes law, a woman whose water breaks at 21 weeks gestation would be legally forced to have a Cesarean delivery in order to protect the “life” of a non-viable baby since the process of labor usually results in death of the baby at this gestational age.

This is not acceptable medical care, yet it is the care that is being dictated by your elected representatives. The legislators sponsoring this bill do not have medical degrees, but they are practicing medicine.

In the video below, a very angry Rep. Sharon Cooper, (R-Marietta) blows the whistle on Georgia Right to Life for threatening to end her political career if she didn’t support the bill. Never stand between a Rabid Right-to-Lifer and a potential challenge to Roe v. Wade. More from AJC here.

If you care about reproductive rights in Georgia, please support two organizations that are fighting hard to preserve them: Planned Parenthood Southeast and Georgia’s WIN List.


2 Responses to HB-954 passes Georgia House

  1. fred says:

    Who put him in charge of someone’s else’s body!
    Becker answer this:
    If life begins at “The Moment of Conception,” who determines “The Moment of Conception?” Will you be the “Conception Czar of Georgia?”

  2. JMPrince says:

    Thanks for the reminder of the tyranny loving Rethugs who want to bring back the Dark Ages. This is why we need to stand together & unite to fight this madness. JMP