Tune in tonight at 7:00.  We’ll be talking with former Georgia House Representative Gloria Tinubu about her run for Congress in the new 7th Congressional District of South Carolina. Ms Tinubu cancelled.  Of course we’ll discuss The President’s visit to Atlanta on Friday!  Other topics include last week’s southern primaries; a tax proposal being quietly discussed at the Gold Dome; and the latest from John Edwards legal battles.

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3 Responses to Gloria Tinubu on Kudzu Vine tonight!

  1. Jules says:

    President’s re-elect hauled 4.8 Million dollars out of GA at that visit…so much for there isn’t any money in GA for Democrats theory.

  2. Baker says:

    Has Kudzu Vine talked much about the movie remake of the 1986 classic ‘Money Pit’, this time starring Arthur Blank, Kasim Reed, and Nathan Deal? Ya’ll may have discussed it one week and I missed it, but consider this a nudge.

  3. David says:

    Ms. Tinubu won’t be on tonight, but did promise to come on in a future Sunday. I will post tonight’s guest when confirmed.
    Sorry 🙁