“Walk in My Shoes, Hear Our Voices”
Circle Around the Georgia State Capitol in support of Women’s Health
Monday, March 12, 2012
11:30 AM – 1:00 PM

Stand With Us:

  • ACLU of Georgia
  • Atlanta Women’s Medical Center
  • Feminist Women’s Health Center
  • Georgia Equality
  • Georgia Rural Urban Summit
  • Georgia WAND
  • Georgia Women for a Change
  • League of Women Voters of Georgia
  • MoveOn
  • National Association of Social Workers – Georgia Chapter
  • Planned Parenthood Southeast
  • Sistersong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective
  • Spark Reproductive Justice Now!

Stand with us for women’s health and lives — for freedom, equality, justice, and human dignity for all. Join us for a peaceful, but not silent, single file walk around the Gold Dome. Our voices will no longer be silent or ignored.

Organizing Principle:
We are here today to reclaim our voices. We are rejecting legislation that is being considered, or has passed, that does not comply with the following principles for all of Georgia’s women:
– to determine when and whether to have children,
– to have a healthy pregnancy;
– to become a parent and parent with dignity, and
– to have safe and healthy relationships and families.

11 am – Meet Up at Central Presbyterian Church Exterior Courtyard -201 Washington St. SW; Atlanta, GA 30303
MARTA is the best way to arrive. Exit at the Georgia State Station. If you drive there is plenty of parking at the Underground Deck – but it is a bit pricey, carpools encouraged.
11:30 am to 1 pm – Walk the Sidewalk in a Single File Line

Bring a sign sized no more than your body’s width. Suggested Messages (or be creative).

· Trust Georgia’s Women
· I Trust Georgia’s Women
· We are the 51%
· I Trust the 51%
· I am [fill in name] and I can be Trusted.
· Trust Georgia’s [fill in women who need a voice] – such as Trust Georgia’s Black Women, Trust Georgia’s Immigrant Women, Trust Georgia’s Lesbians, Trust Georgia’s Moms, etc.

Many politicians now openly support a denial of basic health care for women or the reversal of essential women’s rights. With the 2012 elections looming this year, the culture war seems to deliver a new insult to women’s dignity every day.

This has got to stop. We know that efforts to restrict reproduction, sexual, and parenting freedoms are often linked to other forms of discrimination which we oppose.

We need our elected officials to respect and protect women’s individual autonomy and right of conscience. Women, men, and all communities need accurate medical information and access to affordable health care.

www.HearOurVoice.org – 404-907-0272 – GAwalkcoalition@gmail.com

Grab a friend or two and come on down Monday.


One Response to Hear Our Voices – Walk & Rally Monday

  1. BEZERKO says:

    We had a great time. Greatest thing was seeing the men and women going into and out of the dome with big smiles!