On Saturday, April 21, 2012, Democrats from across the state will gather to elect delegates to represent Georgia at the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. Every four years, Democrats come together for this important task, and it would not be possible without the help of citizen voters, dedicated candidates and generous volunteers. If you’ve never been to one of these,  be prepared for a very long, but very fun and interesting day.

There are no special requirements to vote, but you must be registered to vote in the Congressional District where you take part. Please bring photo ID to confirm your identity.

Registration will be open at 8:00am. All doors close at 12 Noon. Please arrive by 11:00am. Once the doors close and the Caucus is convened, each candidate will be allowed a short speech (the number of candidates determines the length of your Caucus), then ballots will be passed out for voting. Note: candidates have already been qualified for each District and the submission deadline to run has passed. Only qualified candidates will appear on the ballot.

Please take the time out of your busy Saturday to go to the caucus in your district, listen to the speeches, and cast votes for the people that you believe best represent your district and Georgia.

Below are the Caucus locations for four Metro Congressional Districts. Don’t see yours? Scroll down for other locations around the state.

Caucus Locations

4th Congressional District
Omega World Center
3951 Snapfinger Parkway
Decatur, GA 30035 [MAP]
Registration opens at 8:00. Doors close at 12 Noon. Please arrive by 11:00am and bring photo ID.

5th Congressional District
IBEW Auditorium
501 Pulliam Street SW
Atlanta GA 30312 [MAP]
Registration opens at 8:00. Doors close at 12 Noon. Please arrive by 11:00am and bring photo ID.

6th Congressional District
Sedalia Park Elementary School
2230 Lower Roswell Road
Marietta GA 30068 [MAP]
Registration opens at 8:00. Doors close at 12 Noon. Please arrive by 11:00am and bring photo ID.

13th Congressional District
Benjamin Banneker High School
5935 Feldwood Road
College Park GA 30349 [MAP]
Registration opens at 8:00. Doors close at 12 Noon. Please arrive by 11:00am and bring photo ID.

Find your District

Not sure which Congressional District you live in? Find out here.

For other District Caucus locations around Georgia, see the Delegate Information Station on the Georgia Democrats website here.


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7 Responses to Delegate Selection Caucuses — this Saturday

  1. Dustin says:

    Guess who is going to convention :)

  2. Peaches says:

    These are the Delegates from the 5th CD to the DNC Convention:

    Andrea Boone, Emma Darnell, Mo Ivory, Terrinee Briggs, Justin Giboney, CT Martin & Reese McCranie.

    Special thanks go out to Catherine Smith, 5th Congressional District Chair and Kip Carr, 5th Congressional District Vice Chair for making the day a huge success. Fulton Dems ROCK!

  3. JMPrince says:

    I’m in agreement with Jules here, perhaps a slight entrance fee for candidates might help somewhat. In the 11th we had 121 voting & about 10 candidates present from a field that was easily twice that.

    So a very robust turnout, unusually so, and we had an over capacity crowd for the lecture room. I had put on enough snacks for about 60, and they were gone in minutes. Fortunately we did not run out of water. But a nice looking and accomplished group, most of whom I was meeting for the first time. We needed a 2nd round to complete the male selection, and we did lose some participants for that, but overall very few problems. We all were finished by about 2.30PM. Thanks to all & good to see everyone out for the event. JMP

  4. Jules says:

    The 6th had about 103 voting, and 5 Folks were chosen from a field of 31.

    Of the 31 people who qualified to be Delegate, only 18 showed up to stand for the election.

    I think we should charge a little something for folks to qualify, like $20.– if for no other reason to help defray the costs of printing half empty ballots and creating a situation where folks might over plan based on the number of delegates.

    I think the 6th elected a well rounded group, and they sure were happy they won!

  5. JMPrince says:

    The 11th CD Caucus Location is the Georgia Highlands College Campus in Cartersville, Ga.:


    5441 Highway 20 NE
    Cartersville, GA 30121

    Directions Here:

    Thanks for the note & reminder P/M, JMP