Last week I became aware of a entirely organic grassroots organization called Unite Against the War on Women.

It began with just two women and has blossomed quickly into coordinated events in all 50 states calling for women and men to speak up, speak out to end the War on Women.

While some could argue that the war isn’t new, or particularly stealth, the recent heinous legislative efforts around the country have served to enrage women into becoming  activists. Case in point, the women planning this event. Their anger at HB954 moved them to search out other activists who were willing to slog through the myriad of difficulties to plan the march and rally this saturday.

In the past month I counted at least three events in this same vein at the Gold Dome. Over kill,  I think not. Our battle plan has to be the same as the opposition, sustained, well funded and vocal. How many events of the anti or as I like to now call them “no choicers” do we have endure? They seem to be everywhere and yet my people have been the silent majority. Sorry to steal a phrase, but come on why so muted?  I’m thrilled to support these women. Plus I gotta a love a national coalition of folks that includes Rock the Slut Vote and the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice.

I agreed to help them get the word out about their upcoming March & Rally. RSVP on FB, or just show up. Seriously-Show UP!

Below the flip is the event FAQ.

We are so pleased to have so many citizens from Atlanta and the state of Georgia join us for the We are Woman March and Rally on 4/28/12. In order for this event to ensure the safety of all and to stay within legal limits, we are asking participants to stick to the following guidelines:

  1. Weather: The event will take place rain or shine. Please monitor local weather reports and dress accordingly.
  2. Signs: Although we firmly believe in freedom of expression, the right to free speech and wish for this event to be all-inclusive, we are asking participants to honor our desire to follow a few guidelines. Please refrain from obscene, crude, derogatory or language that threatens any person or group.  In other words, make your sign like your mother is going to see it (she just might)! We will also have signs available at the Centennial Park staging site (Southern Company Amphitheatre inside the park at the intersection of Marietta St. and Centennial Olympic Park Dr.) available for participants.Walking: We do have a permit, but it is important to keep moving in a single file lane, individually and not block any intersections, doorways to businesses, driveways, etc. There is also an event honoring fallen police officers that will be on the opposite side of the street. We ask that participants pay a moment of respect when we encounter them by turning towards them, lowering your sign and head momentarily and resume marching.
    1. Languages and Creative Expression: You may use any language that you speak or to add artwork that is an expression of your sentiment, as long as your sign adheres to guideline #2.
    2. Size and type: To keep ingress and egress free and clear, signage needs to be your body size.  Stickers and t-shirts are a great addition as well.
  3. Rest areas: Port-A-Potties will be available at the rally location; restroom facilities are located in Centennial Park.
  4. Counter-protests and hecklers: Should we encounter any, please do not argue, confront, agitate or engage. Keep your cool and remember, it is attention they want – deny them of that pleasure.
  5. Legal Observers: There will be identifiable ACLU trained legal observers who will be present.  Their role is to be a neutral observers, not to give legal advice or interpretation; sometimes they can assist participants hear or understand directives from law enforcement. 
  6. Attire: Dress for the weather but wear what you like as long as clothing doesn’t violate guideline #2. We recommend at least bringing a water bottle or canteen and wearing comfortable shoes.
  7. If Law Enforcement Shows Up:  Our goal is to act in accordance with the law, including directives offered by the police.   Please also remember that the police are there to protect us and this is a permitted event.  To keep our message focused and clear, we are asking for your cooperation by not engaging in civil disobedience.
  8. Volunteers: They will be present in order to offer assistance and direction to participants and will be identified by a name tag.  If you have any questions or concerns, please see one of the volunteers. We would appreciate your cooperation with the directions and guidance offered by the volunteer at all times.
  9. Children: Parents who would like to bring their children are welcome at the march and rally. Please be advised that there are no changing facilities, although there will be Port-A-Potties available.

Thank you for joining us to make our voice heard. Any issues, please call or text:


Kedre Downs:  678-620-9196

Laura Bordeaux:  404-370-0945

Stacey Hopkins:  404-593-9434

Terre Spencer:  770-597-1367

**Thanks for Feminist Women’s Health Center whose original document provided the template for this doc.**


3 Responses to Fighting Back-The War on Women

  1. Women have seen a full frontal assault on our freedoms that has been overt and concentrated. Since the 2010 midterm election when 87 new members of the house came in, made up largely of Tea Party people and more extremists on the right. Anti-women people no longer make any effort to assault us covertly, they are coming at us straight up in our face!!! 2011 saw over 1100 pieces of legislation by the Congress to chip away at our reproductive choices alone, 134 bills were passed into law. I think we will find that 2012 will surpass the numbers from 2011. Women MUST make our voices heard at the polls in Nov or we are in real trouble. If we wind up with a President as disconnected as this millionaire MITT, who only knows women as the person that gets the coffee, our futures will be incredibly dark and I promise you this, women will die. Women have always done what they need to do to make their lives work. If we have to go back to back alleys and dark rooms to get reproductive services, women will die. The wage gap will stall more than it has already especially if Thurston Howell becomes President!!! NOW is the time, THIS is the place, Women have to stand up and collectively yell ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!! We cannot allow legislatures and congress to push us back from the little progress we have made. It is now at a point, I am afraid, when each of us has to decide what our level of commitment is going to be. I regret we are going to be called to things we would rather not do but it is time we stood up. The GOP has drawn the line in the sand, we have to do what our grandmothers did to get sufferage. There is too much on the line. So, think it over and decide, what are you willing to do?Soon, each of us will have something in our face and you will have to deal with it…..get focused now. As for me, I’ve dedicated myself to this fight for whatever time I have left. This is my passion. This will not stand. Lee Slaughter

  2. Delane Cunningham says:

    Juliana, Thank you.
    The assumption that our battle is only for reproductive freedom is hindering understanding. We have been disproportionately affected by all the economic sanctions against families in Georgia both at the local and federal levels. Every budget cut, every new requirement, every loss of an agency that supports families affects women. We are attacked from all angles. I’m very grateful for your light shining on the issues…

  3. Standyourground says:

    Right on! Great to see the fed up acting up!