Viral. Hill-arious.

Confusing.  Acronymfest.

This is some bullshit. But very homoerotic.

Ballsy. Shits getting real.

Giant eye roll.

Yeah, I’m back from Asia… have 7 hours of pictures to show-who’s coming over?

What’s on your mind?



(Easter Cocktails here)


3 Responses to Friday Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    OK back to the rock face for Monday: Economics presented masterfully & in easily digestible bites in 27 short PP ‘slides’ :

    “Growth, Inequality, Policy, and Power: A Theory of (Almost)
    Everything” by Jared Bernstein & Center on Budget & Policy Priorities”

    And why getting the economics right is just the 1st step here. The next is somehow trying to convince just some of those ingrates who get the bulk of the benefits to vote your way. Or more of the beneficiaries of other policies to become active voters.

    “Texas-Sized Safety Net Supports County Voting 83% Against Obama” By Alan Bjerga –

    I know, a vain dream for sure. JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    Late, but seriously on this one. Sort of a cosmological math proof:

    Further proof arrived earlier today here:

    Apologies to the Duke. JMP

  3. Tim says:

    I can’t stop reading texts from hillary…makes me laugh and smile AND feel good at the same time. I hope she’s laughing too.