This piece by Jay Bookman is getting a lot of play, and for good reason. Go read: An appalling lesson in ethics and the Ga. Legislature

If you missed Kudzu Vine on Sunday, check it out here. The guest was Robert Patillo (interview starts at 33:00) who’ll be running for State Representative against Sheila Jones in the Democratic Primary. Umm, I’ll be voting for Sheila.

If you’re a Republican Legislator in Georgia, like Chip Rogers or Tom Graves, apparently the taxpayers foot the bill for your bad debt.

On a personal note, I’ve recently updated my political portfolio to include pro-bono works produced for the DPG prior to being “dismissed” by the “Chairman”. To the sycophantic idiot who’s been posting that I profit from my political work, you can kiss both sides of my ass. To all the great Democrats I’ve worked with over the last year: county chairs, congressional district chairs, webmasters and affiliated organizations, if you haven’t already contacted me, you know how to reach me. I serve at my own pleasure and always will. This is volunteer service, not a position in the court of Louis XVI.

How was your weekend?


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  1. JMPrince says:

    In other less happy news Dr. Leila Denmark has died @ 114 in Athens. Long cited as the ‘oldest practicing physician in the country’, she was also thought to be the first female pediatrician in Georgia. She practiced medicine in Atlanta, (Roswell) for 73 years. Old style she was, I knew several folks from my county who took long trips to make certain that their kids were brought up with Dr. Denmark’s care & advice. A true Ga. original. and loved for her grit & determination. The most recent publication with her well worn child rearing advice was published in 2002 “Dr. Denmark Said It!”.

  2. Gray says:

    Just to clarify a few points:

    1) “today the locks got changed, and he let more staff go.” is incorrect. Yes, locks were changed on Friday. Its a good business practice to change the external locks on regular basis. No staff was “let go” on Friday, or over the weekend, or today.

    2) “He’s locking people out” is a mischaracterization of the situation. It’s an election year, it’s a business, and “locking people out” really just means “we lock our doors when employees aren’t around”. Similar to a Subway, or a Belk, or any other business. Or the DPG, which has been “locking people out” when our employees aren’t in the building for as long as I can remember.

  3. Zach M says:

    I’ve read this a couple of times now and get more furious every time. The audacity of these idiots is incredible. You don’t run off or piss off your most valuable contributors and succeed in building an organization. Is it possible to recall officers?

    • Ladida says:

      It’s possible, but the bar is high. There is a growing movement to recall him, but I’m not sure how far it will go.

      • Cranky and Crusty says:

        RE: Versailles: today the locks got changed, and he let more staff go.

        The well is officially poisoned… no one should go near it and certainly not drink from it.

        • State Committee Mem. (Ful) says:

          You know folks — I was at that State Com meeting too. 1) Color did not seem to me to have a whole lot to do with who got called on — frankly all were equally ignored and annoyed.

          The main problem I have is the amount of sour grapes, and mud slinging in public going on. Hey, folks, we are only hurting ourselves in the eyes of independents and making ourselves a laughing stock among Repugnicans. Let’s quit slicing and dicing ourselves for a few seconds of sarcasm and self- agrandisement and get on with our jobs as best we can with as much solidarity as we can muster.

          • Zach M says:

            I have to say, a lot of really good activists, volunteers, and general politicos spent a lot of time, effort, and political capital to get Berlon elected only to have him screw over those same people and continue to drive the party deeper into the ground. We have roughly 350k in the bank, no constitutional offices, not even close to majorities in either chamber (although we have some major talent in both). I don’t assume most Georgia Democrats are interested in continuing to roll over and get fucked. I like a little militancy, a little boat-rocking from time to time and I don’t think I’m the only one. Demoralizing and pushing away the very people you need to wage more than a half-ass fight with Republicans is the status quo. To change that, I think we need to have a good, old-fashioned knock-down-drag-out inside the party. Lastly, if Berlon and others don’t want this talked about in public you don’t shut people up in a party meeting.

        • Jen B. says:

          “RE: Versailles: today the locks got changed, and he let more staff go.”

          Really? He’s locking people out?

  4. Jules says:

    man, I go to Asia for a month and miss everything.

  5. JMPrince says:

    Noted in passing, from the awesomeness that is Canada, where political grudge matches can be settled in the ring. Video here:

    I’ve got a bit more on the whole Bartow angle on Sen. Chip Rogers’ bad debts, but it’ll take longer to relate. Suffice to say, helping take down one of our institutional lending banks has caused local chaos. JMP

  6. Tim says:

    An Peaches, as always, youre work amazes me. I sit in awe.

  7. Tim says:

    Lol, Jen B. Best use of a flowchart…ever

  8. Jen B. says:

    “I serve at my own pleasure and always will. This is volunteer service, not a position in the court of Louis XVI.”

    Oh, snap.

    Also, this reminds me of this excellent flowchart.

  9. anonymous says:

    So what happened at the State Committee meeting?

    • Ladida says:

      Surreal. It was an alternate universe where 350K is “on track” for JJ and a bunch of weird white guys kept trying to shut down anyone who wasn’t white.