Patenting “Chicago Style” Politics. I hope they make a zillion dollars.

Mayor Corey Booker, hero. Too bad he’s not our JJ Speaker. Your move Mayor Reed.

War on Women, yes it’s real. Don’t change the subject. Oh, don’t call yourself a feminist if you spend most of your time judging the choices of other women.

Ashley Judd calls out media, damn that’s going to leave a mark.

The YD’s are in the mountains, for their annual convention. If you didn’t already do it, make a donation to fund the important work they do.


9 Responses to Weekend Open Thread

  1. JMPrince says:

    Notice that I’ve got to put way down here:

    Prospective Democratic Congressional candidate Jeff Anderson of Acworth will be kicking off his 11th CD candidacy in Bartow Co. @ our monthly meeting of the BCDP on April 23, Monday Eve, 7PM @ the IHOP in Cartersville. Thanks & Hope to see you there. JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    Besides getting older, there’s few things in life that’ll make you cry harder than missed opportunities. Rarely has history conspired to favor the ‘favored few’ as it has in recent years. Part of that’s due to the abject failure of a huge segment of the press being unable or unwilling to ‘tell the truth’ to much of the public about what’s going & gone on. And it’s tremendously costly in terms of lives, fortunes, and consequences. Blood, treasure & tears don’t begin to cover it all. A review from the TX Monthly brought it all back:

    “Truth or Consequences” by Joe Hagan

    More background was assembled over at, just search under Bush AWOL. Hell, just go to too. But much of it might seem a bit incomprehensible from this distance. Still much of the last decade of war & terror might have been avoided if only the press started asking questions of that ‘Fortunate Son’. Then the bodies started falling. JMP

  3. JMPrince says:

    Back from a short vacation. How about those damn fighting Canadians? (Again!) Side by side comparison with a fellow general named ‘BlackJack’:

    The gas war you never knew or imagined:


  4. Peaches says:

    Just got around to reading the Obama link. I didn’t realize this was Justin Lewis. Very cool.

  5. ire says:

    Most important part of this weekend–ITS MY BIRTHDAY!

    Real talk: I’m kinda *meh* about it.

  6. Peaches says:

    Someone please bring me back a program for my files. Have a great convention YDGs! So sorry to miss this year.

  7. Jules says:

    Rep. Kathy Ashe isn’t going to run again…WOW, huge loss for progressive women. Sorry to see this, she will be missed.‘polarized’-legislature-kathy-ashe-announces-retirement/