Tonight( Tuesday)  the Cobb Chapter of the NAACP hosts a Candidate forum. Begins at  7 p.m. at the Cobb government building on 100 Cherokee Street. The NAACP forum also will be shown on TV 23, the Cobb government public access cable outlet. The MDJ gives a few more details here.

Wednesday evening the East Cobb Civic Association hosts a forum with the candidates for Cobb County Commission Chair. This has high entertainment potential. Details here.

Special note: the TSPLOST Town Hall meeting organized by candidate JoEllen Smith scheduled for tonight has been cancelled due to the conflict with the NAACP event.

Please add other candidate forums in the comments, or send me an email and I will include in the post.


One Response to Candidate Forums-Cobb County

  1. Juliana says:

    The East Cobb Civic Assoc. candidate forum was interesting. The room was packed-likely 100 people there. Not enough chairs or AC.

    Median age 62.

    With the exception of Chairman Lee, no one had any love for the TSPLOST.

    Seemed like all the Judicial Candidates were there, although this was not a forum in which they had opportunity to speak. I hope someone does host such a forum.

    Former Cobb Commission Chair Bill Byrne is still a cranky man. Only he’s older now and possibly more cranky.

    Looks like I’ll be voting in the GOP primary in July since with one exception I don’t have anyone on the D side to vote for.