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What: Fundraiser for Ken Britt running to replace the retiring Kathy Ashe in House District 56.

Where: Private Home, RSVP for address.

Time: 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Cost: $100.00 Campaign Donation Requested

RSVP to (404) 939-7754 events {at }


What: Fundraiser for Rep. Rashad Taylor HD55

Where: The Commerce Club One Ninety One Peachtree Tower, Atlanta, GA 30303-1761

Time: 6:00 pm

Cost: Campaign Donation Suggested.


International Day Against Homophobia ( IDAHO) Events held all over the world.

Georgia:  Thursday evening 6 pm at Village Church , 3418 Dogwood Drive , Hapeville, GA 30354

Cost: Free


What: Election of At-Large Delegates and Alternates to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte. State Committee members are requested to attend the election of 24 At large delegates and 9 Alternates. As I understand it, over 100 folks have qualified to be candidates. DPG meetings are open to the public, those who are not elected or appointed state committee members please register as guests. Only state committee members may vote in this election for delegates.

Where: Somewhere in Macon, location as yet unknown.  as of 1:45 pm today

Macon State College, 100 College Station Drive, Macon GA 31206.

Time: UNKNOWN  Registration begins at 8:30 am, meeting at 9:30 am

Boxed lunch available:  $10.00 paid at registration

Cost: Priceless. 


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4 Responses to This Week’s Event Round Up

  1. State Committee Member says:

    dunno, nothing in email or on website

  2. Waldo says:

    Who are the 14?

  3. State Committee Member says:

    DPG Email from last week. Elections were in fact not held. Here’s why.


    “This is not an open election and delegates are elected in order based upon the category in which they fall, the priority set by the DNC and the Delegate Selection Plan. In this regard, the order of election for PLEO’s would follow this formula:

    1. Big City Mayors and Statewide Elected Officials [to be given equal consideration];

    2. Elected State Legislative Leaders;

    3. Elected State Legislators;

    4. Other state, county and local elected officials; and,

    5. Party Leaders.

    Based upon these priorities, the 14 individuals that filed to run that are elected officials met the first four prongs of these tests. Everyone else that qualified fell under prong 5. This means that all 14 of these individuals would have been elected before we came to the consideration of the other candidates.

    This matter was discussed at length at the State Committee Meeting on April 28th and the Committee gave overwhelming approval to a motion that would allow me to certify these results on May 12th without convening a meeting. Since this is the case, there’s no justification for the expense when the election results are mandated by the rules.

    For those of you that planned to run as a PLEO, but now will not be elected in that capacity, you have until May 15th at 5 pm to re-submit a new application for the At-Large and Alternate elections on May 19th.
    It may be helpful to read the full delegate selection plan listed on our website here. The process is designed to be representative. The open elections were at the caucus level. The subsequent elections are designed to round out the goals established by the DNC to represent voter turnout in the 2008 Presidential election.

    At the state committee meeting on the 19th, some candidates will be asked to run by category based on diversity goals that need to be reached. I realize that this process is not fair, but it is representative. This means that in some cases, the person with the most votes won’t win, or other qualified candidates might be excluded because of the diversity requirements associated with the plan.

    While this may be confusing, these are the rules set by the Delegate Selection Plan as approved by the DNC. This situation is the same as in 2004 and 2008. Many of you may remember those elections as well.”

  4. Waldo says:

    Any report from the PLEO election this weekend?