We have gotten some response from the post made a week or so ago.  But it’s time I re-up the message Trevor drove home.

If you are a Democrat, and you live in a Republican district where no Democrat is currently running, you need to email me today.

I don’t care if the district is 11% Democratic performance or 58%.  The fact is that, if we want to take back Georgia, we need to run candidates in every single district.  Will everyone win this go-around?  Unquestionably not.  But there are reasons to run beyond an assurance of a win, the first of which is that it’s impossible to win if you never get into the race.

There are a ton of districts where no Democrat has even been seriously rumored to be considering the race.  Remember that scumbag Doug McKillip?  He has no Democratic opposition.  Bubber Epps?  Nada.  Alan Powell, Ed Setzler, and Judson Hill?  Goose egg.  What about Commissioner Ashley Bell?  Still nothing.

You get my point.  We need Democrats to run.  Even if you aren’t completely sure, or need a little convincing, email me.  If you know someone who should run, email me.

My email is evp@georgiayds.org.  Seriously, do it today.


3 Responses to Run For Office, Redux

  1. Juliana says:

    Two men running as Dems in the GA 6th against Tom Price. One has no website, so no link love from me, and the other does but well meh.

    Anyway more on them when I can summon the energy.

    • Tips from the Campaign Trail says:

      If you’re going to run for Congress, at least have the correct map of your district on your web site.

      • Julianal says:

        Hi Tips… yes sigh

        I should write a book on all the things “candidates” tell me/show me when they are talking about running.