Promoted 5.7.2012, original post date 4.27.2012

Over at Peach Pundit, State Rep. Buzz Brockway has put up a crowd sourcing document from Google Docs where you can fill in who is running for the state house in each district.

As you know, qualifying is quickly coming up!  We need more Democrats to run for public office in Georgia, we need to contend as many possible races as we can.

Please only fill out people who are actually running, not people you wish would run, not people who may run if they hit the lottery, not the guy down the street who says “I ought to be our state representative!” but people who are legitimately planning to qualify to run for office.

If you know someone who is running and needs help with their campaign, or someone who is thinking about running and needs that last little encouragement to be a Democratic candidate for office in 2012 and have their name alongside President Barack Obama’s on the ballot…  please either contact me or have them contact me at tmsoutherland<at> — I would be glad to provide them with some good, quality, Democratic campaign consultants and staffers that would be more than willing to make their race exciting (and they don’t even have to cash out their retirement funds to afford it either!)

EDIT: Buzz has now put up a sheet for State Senate as well.  PLEASE, only accurate information, follow the rules.


2 Responses to Who is running for State House / State Senate?

  1. JMPrince says:

    Might have another one soon too. 体当たり!!

  2. JMPrince says:

    I have it on good authority that Lelia Benham of Cartersville will be seeking to challenge Rep. Paul Battles for the HD15 here in Bartow Co. JMP