A few days ago I heard that Russell Edwards had announced he would resign as Treasurer of the Democratic Party of Georgia at such time as a new Treasurer could be put in place.  It seems those plans have been moved up.  In an e-mail to the State Committee yesterday afternoon, published here with permission, Mr. Edwards said:

While I intended to stay on board as the Treasurer to help finalize a budget and provide information to Committee members until my replacement was elected, the situation has changed due to circumstances beyond my control.  My access to the Party’s financial information was terminated last Monday, effectively cutting off my ability to perform my duties.  After unsuccessfully attempting to reinstate my access to perform my job for the State Committee, I am left with no choice but to resign immediately.

Thus, I hereby tender my resignation effective immediately as of today, May 16th, 2012.

Mr. Edwards has served as DPG Treasurer since January 29, 2011 and was the DPG’s 2010 nominee against Paul Broun for Congress in Georgia’s 11th Congressional District.


3 Responses to Russell Edwards Resigns as DPG Treasurer

  1. State Committee Member says:

    June 16th! Are they serious?

    This is the saturday that most communities will be acknowledging Juneteeth, and many folks already have commitments that day to staff booths and help candidates.


    I heard Lester Jackson is the new interim Treas. till then.

  2. JMPrince says:

    I for one was sorry to see him go. He was easily one of the most effective and notable treasurers in recent memory. And reasonably knowledgable, open & desiring to be accessible & transparent in his duties, a rarity. We’ll be holding an election to replace him on Sat. June 16th, place/venue TBA. DPG is taking applications now.