Oh dear, Cobb County Commission Chairman called the folks who don’t support the 1% sales tax for transportation “spoiled brats”.   The whole article from the MDJ is here.

MABLETON — Cobb Chairman Tim Lee held a town hall meeting Monday evening, but it was overshadowed by an apology for a statement he made at an earlier meeting.

According to a blog entry on Tomi Johnson’s Wingcom Watchdog website, Lee called constituents who don’t want light rail in Cobb “spoiled brats” during a Friday meeting with members of the Georgia Community Coalition. He also told the group that racism and money were hampering him, according to the website.

In a Monday email to the Journal, Lee attempted to retract his remarks.

“Let me apologize for calling anyone a spoiled brat,” he wrote. “Sometimes my passion for an issue gets ahead of me and I certainly wish I had chosen a better description.”

Lee wrote that the people he referred to were “those who are opposed to every new idea for bringing more jobs and prosperity to Cobb County.”

I  can see the bumper stickers now “Spoiled Brats 4 Lee” , ” Lee *hearts* the 1%”  possibly even simply “Spoiled for Tim”.

In general probably a bad idea to call consitutants and voters names in an election year. The other years, meh they’ll forgetaboutit. 

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One Response to “Spoiled Brats”

  1. JMPrince says:

    They’ve got a word for those ‘spoiled brats’. The base of the party! It is ever thus. JMP