The campaign of Jeff Kazanow, a Democratic candidate in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district, sent out a press release yesterday morning announcing that he is seeking the endorsement of the National Stonewall Democrats.  The press release also named Mr. Kazanow’s LGBT Outreach Coordinator for his campaign.

You can join Mr. Kazanow’s campaign on Facebook, check out his web site, and make a contribution to support his campaign.

(Roswell, GA) – Jeff Kazanow, a Democratic candidate for Congress in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, is seeking the endorsement of the National Stonewall Democrats. Recognizing themselves as the organization for LGBT and allied Democrats, Stonewall Democrats works to elect pro-equality Democrats to public office and hold them accountable to advance the pro-equality policies and legislation important to LGBT Americans.

In addition to seeking the endorsement of this group of progressives, Kazanow has named long-time LGBT and Democratic activist Juliana Illari to serve as his campaigns LGBT Outreach Coordinator. Illari serves on the Leadership Council for National Stonewall Democrats and serves as a member of the Board of Directors for Atlanta Stonewall Democrats.

“I am pleased to undergo the vetting process of the National Stonewall Democrats, and am happy to have Juliana working with me to reach out to the LGBT community and encourage this group of Georgians that they do have a candidate in the 6th Congressional district who is excited to stand up for them. As a member of Congress, I will work diligently to serve each of my constituents that make up the 6th Congressional district.”


Jeff Kazanow is running for Congress to make sure that the voters of Georgia’s 6th Congressional District have a choice in how they wish to be represented during this economic recovery. Do they want a Congressman that thinks austerity and partisan obstructionism is the best way to get our country back on the right track? Or, a Congressman who knows that investing in education, healthcare, and transportation is the way to better jobs, better infrastructure, and a better future?

For too long the Sixth Congressional District has been represented by a Congressman who claims to be a “fiscal conservative”, but causes the deficit to soar by voting for military spending that the military doesn’t even want. Jeff Kazanow will be a Congressman who votes in the best interests of the nation and the military by building a strong armed forces with the equipment our soldiers need.

Kazanow is a believer in the equality for all our citizens, a supporter of women’s rights, and a business man that understands that Congress needs to work for the best interests of the nation as a whole, not just the wealthy few or partisan elite who have held our country hostage by using their wealth and influence to have a disproportionate impact on our politics.

Once elected, Jeff will bring a progressive agenda to Washington, and be an active part of President Obama’s second term plans to rebuild our economy, strengthen America’s position in the world, improve education, and most importantly, bring results to the citizens of Georgia’s 6th district.

Can Georgia afford another two years of Tom’s Price? Years of obstruction and idle politics have told us that the answer is NO. Vote Jeff Kazanow to represent Georgia’s 6th Congressional District in Congress and make the 6th PRICE-less.

For more on Jeff and his plan for the Sixth Congressional District, visit

Disclosure: Jeff Kazanow is a client of Southeastern Campaign Group.


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