Driving the proverbial nail into the coffin that is Michael Johnson’s Campaign for Congress, while in Atlanta yesterday, President Obama endorsed John Lewis for re-election.

“Whether it was improving educational opportunity for children, expanding access to quality, affordable healthcare, or helping Georgia families struggling to make ends meet, the 5th district has been able to count on John Lewis,” said President Barack Obama. “Congressman John Lewis is a true American hero, and he has been dedicated to fighting for equality throughout his life. That is why I need him back in Congress to continue the fight with me for the 5th congressional district and for our nation. I need you to cast your vote for Congressman John Lewis in the July primary and again in November.”

Just so we are all clear, Michael Johnson has barely run a campaign, as far as I can tell, and I live about a quarter mile outside his district, work in the district, and spend most of my time in the 5th.  I have yet to see any semblance of a presence.  If Johnson intended for 2012 to increase his name recognition for a future run at the office, he has succeeded.  Now, everyone in the Democratic community knows him as that schmuck that dared to run against John Lewis, lose badly, and somehow think that it entitled him to the seat at some point in the future.  Good luck, sir.  You’ll need it.


7 Responses to The Nail in the Coffin

  1. JMPrince says:

    We’ve got the pics Smitty, and it’s basically nostalgia night too, (Slightly risque , from the more reliably work a day Yankovic):
    Other than the weddings, funerals & parties, it was steady work. JMP

  2. kimberly says:

    when I first saw this title, I thought it was going to be about the latest DPG Jazz event and that would be the final “nail in the coffin” of dull events they’ve cooked up.