A press release was sent out this morning announcing the launch of a new campaign consulting group…  Southeastern Campaign Group is formed by some of your favorite (or not so favorite, depending on who you are) Democratic operatives looking to make a difference in not only Georgia, but eventually the entire Southeastern United States.

You can visit the web site here or follow us on Facebook.

Part of the press release sent earlier reads:

Southeastern Campaign Group, an upstart consulting firm aimed at providing Democratic candidates, groups, and causes with a structure that boast young, talented individuals in all aspects of political campaigns, is excited to launch itself into Georgia’s political landscape.

“We have all been around the block a time or two, and have seen the candidates that we have worked for independently struggle to maintain relationships with a bevy of different consultants” says Trevor Southerland, founder and Principal Partner. “This idea began to form amongst my friends and I that there is a need in this region for a consulting group that can do it all, and work with candidates, groups, and causes in every aspect of progressive politics”.

Southeastern Campaign Group aims to do just that. With talented individuals specializing in finance, field, communications, messaging, graphic design, and web presence, the firm believes that its fresh approach to consulting is something that politicos can all agree is sorely needed.

“Providing our clients with incredible talent at competitive prices will set us apart from our competition and make us a presence in Georgia politics that will not be ignored” continues Southerland. “We are able to work with candidates, on all levels, on any aspect of their campaign. Southeastern Campaigns is ready for the challenge of establishing ourselves in Georgia’s political landscape, and we welcome those candidates and groups who agree that our model of a one stop shop is a welcomed respite from the challenge of shopping for specific consultants.”


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  1. Jason Dozier says:

    Just a heads up, that link is broken. It’s appended to the BfD url and reads as “http://www.blogfordemocracy.org/www.southeasterncampaigns.org”