Earlier this morning, we received the following press release from the Ronnie Mabra campaign:

17 July 2012


House Candidate Vows to Continue Campaigning
Ronnie Mabra awaits the ruling of Secretary of State in race for HD 63

Fayetteville, GA – On Monday, Georgia’s Office of Administrative Hearings handed down a ruling on a residency challenge for one of the most hotly-contested races of the primary election season.

Judge Stephanie Howells, citing erratic assertions by the petitioner, recommended that the Secretary of State remove Ronnie Mabra from the July 31 primary ballot, despite her own admission that “[Mabra’s] evidence would have been sufficient to meet his burden of proof.”

“The Administrative Law Judge made the wrong decision, but I’m confident that the Secretary of State will side with me,” said Mabra. “The Secretary of State has not ruled on my case, and I’ll continue running until the voters of District 63 have an opportunity to elect their representative.”

The Administrative Law Judge merely offers a recommendation to the Secretary of State, who ultimately has the power to uphold a candidacy or deny it.

“I’ve always maintained that these charges were baseless and politically motivated efforts by my opponents to distract the voters,” said Mabra.

“While my opponents were on a wild goose chase, I’ve spent every day meeting with residents, raising campaign funds, and offering a positive vision for my community that includes better schools, safer streets and more jobs,” he continued.


One Response to Mabra to Continue Campaigning

  1. Concernedcitzen556 says:

    Ronnie Mabra should know all about “baseless and politically motivated efforts,” considering his law firm represented DPG Political Director Rashad Richey in his frivolous lawsuit against Blog for Democracy.