Not Done Yet – vote Tuesday, August 21st!
Tomorrow, Tuesday August 21st, is the run-off election for many Democratic races around the state. Please go vote for our endorsed candidates if you live in their districts! Candidates include State Senator Gail Davenport (District 44), Diana Eckles for State House District 41, Marvin Arrington for State House District 62, TJ Copeland for State House District 63, Doreen Williams for State House District 92, Pam Dickerson for State House District 103, and Renita Hamilton for State House District 105!

Run off FAQ:

Q: If I voted in the Democratic Primary on July 31, can I vote in the Democratic Primary for the runoff August 21?
A: Yes
Q: If I voted in the Republican Primary on July 31, can I vote in the Democratic Primary August 21?
A: No
Q: If I did not vote on July 31, can I vote in the Democratic Primary for the runoff on August 21?
A: Yes
Not sure if you’re in these districts? Check your voter registration here –



5 Responses to Atlanta Stonewall Runoff Endorsements! VOTE TODAY!

  1. Juliana says:

    Thanks Matt J.

    Just a note, ASD considers each race and the folks who wish our endorsement as a stand alone decision. We are not in the endorsement process for a Win/Loss rating.

    The LBGT voters and allies in those districts count on us to vet folks based on a whole host of progressive criteria.

    If we cared about only a Win score, and not who we think is best for a community, we’d compromise a good deal of our integrity.

  2. Matt J says:

    Scorecard from last night:

    Davenport – WON
    Eckles – LOST
    Arrington – LOST
    Copeland – LOST
    Williams – NOT DECIDED (currently down)
    Dickerson – WON
    Hamilton – ? (There’s no runoff listed. I guess this is a general election endorsement).

  3. Juliana says:

    Hi Kathy,

    Please check w/Ms Jones campaign.. but I do not recall she applied for our endorsement, either before July 31st or a reconsideration before the run-off.

  4. Kathy says:

    I am curious why you would choose Arrington over Ms. Jones – we need all the women possible in the “House of Horrors” next year. Besides the fact, that she was born and raised in the District, and is not “old Atlanta.”

    • Jen B. says:

      Per Ms. Jones’ site, she “has roots based on her Christian values” and her “Equal Rights for All” section only refers to “women’s equality.” So she may not necessarily support Stonewall’s agenda.**!vstc0=issues

      ** “Agenda” sounds so nefarious.