Are you busy Thursday night (08/16)?  If not, come join me at the North Fulton Democrats meeting.  I’ll be discussing the Kazanow for Congress campaign in the 6th Congressional District…  as well as revealing my top secret ultra high level security clearance plan for how Democrats make a come back in Georgia.

From the Fulton County Democratic Party:

Join us tomorrow, Thursday August 16 for North Fulton Dems

Along with our regular food and fellowship, we’ll welcome Trevor Southerland, Campaign Manager for Congressional Candidate Jeff Kazanow.  Jeff is running to unseat Tom Price in the 6th Congressional District and he needs our help!

Trevor will give us an overview of the campaign strategy and explain how this race will help lay the groundwork for important grassroots efforts throughout the state.  You won’t want to miss his insights and expertise on the 6th and Georgia politics in general.

Please join us and bring your friends and neighbors!  The Red State Resistance needs you!

WHAT: North Fulton Democrats July Meeting
WHEN: Thursday, August 16th, 7PM
WHERE: TJ’s Sports Bar and Grill
2880 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Holcomb Corners Shopping Center, Roswell GA 30022 (MAP)


6 Responses to Busy Thursday Night?

  1. siri says:

    Am I the only one who was alarmed by how close the Kazanow/Montigel race was?

    • Trevor Southerland says:

      Alarmed? Not me. After all, a win is a win. 🙂

      In all seriousness though, I can imagine for most “average voters” who hadn’t researched the race… it might have been a coin toss. Neither candidate had a massive war chest. There was very little media attention and the Atlanta Press Club, instead of having a debate with an actual competitive race, decided to host debates where 50 points separated the candidates. That choice disappointed me as I think the exposure of the debate, and further media coverage, would have been a good thing.

      Out of the ~20,000 folks who voted in the 6th Congressional primary, I’d estimate maybe at most 200 of them have ever participated in an actual Democratic Party function? So that’s 0.01% of the electorate.

      I can’t exactly say how many of those ~20,000 voters did research on either primary candidate before the election but my guess would be less than 20%.

  2. Boot price says:

    Keep up the good work, need to get rid of price but $6000 ain’t going to do it.

    • Masked Liberal says:

      That’s a valid point! $6,000 is not enough to Boot Price. But I found this awesome feature at the web site where we can contribute and help Jeff Kazanow in his run for the 6th Congressional District!

      Contribute online!?!? What will these people think of next!?!?

      • Boot price says:

        I know, just seems like we should pick our battle down in the 12th and try to save John.

        • Trevor Southerland says:

          That philosophy is why Georgia Democrats are nearly irrelevant today.

          That philosophy is why we’re not challenging even 50% of the State Senate or the State House.

          That philosophy is why 3 sitting Republican Congressmen in Georgia this year will be able to raise money and send it to the 12th, or Florida, or Pennsylvania or Ohio, etc… instead of sitting on it just to make sure they’re protected because they face no opposition.