It’s been a long week… and I need a drink.

Friday Happy Hour is officially called at Manuel’s 6 pm ish. We’ll be in the back bar unless they’ve got it closed for an event. We will be there till about 8:00 pm. Here’s the thing, if you don’t come…we’ll be taking about you.

Other items of note, and or lost in the scrum this week:

Birth Control and lower cost preventive care for women, possibly more exciting than a chicken sandwich. That’s right bitches I linked to CSPAN, live with it.

Hey Newt, looks like we are already on Mars.

The DNC Platform committee has included language in support of Marriage Equality.  Rep. Franks wedding must have been so fabulous they had to.

Margaret and Helen still kicking it.

Hate is a strong word, but contemptuous and dismissive. Yeah, I gotta agree about that one.

And you say what?


5 Responses to Friday Open Thread with Cocktails!

  1. JMPrince says:

    Obit time. Dubbed by Time “the most famous art critic in the English-speaking world” Robert Studley Forrest Hughes has died @ age 74 in NYC. Time’s short bit is here:

    More fun with The Awl here:

    The Australian has his life in pictures here:

    Having been somewhat out of the public eye for the better part of a decade after a horrific head on car crash, Robert Hughes was simply one of the phenoms of the literary & artistic world of the last century. Which is why he’d fallen off radar of the singularly trivially focused celebrity minded entertainment & media orbit of late. But go and find something, anything by him to Read, and understand how he became so justly famous. There was simply no more elegant and truly informed ‘poison pen’ than his in our age. Hilariously nasty on too many dimensions to count when & where needed, he was widely admired, but seldom copied. A man of complete & varied passions and many talents, none of which will likely see the light of day again in our lifetimes in any one such soul. Exiled from the Land of OZ, but certainly not forgotten, RIP RSFH.

  2. ire says:

    So what have I “missed”?

    • Julianal says:

      Ed, it was epic.

      3 large full tables, lots of great conversation about Tuesday, runoffs and the future.

      You were missed.

      I’m thinking of a 8-24 HH w/the guys from PP… will you be back?

  3. JMPrince says:

    Other events going on: Paulding Co. Picnic via Mike Scott:

    Sat. (Tomorrow) White oak park ( Indoor and outdoor pavillion)
    1 pm to 5 pm (8/4)
    298 mustang drive dallas georgia 30132
    Donation is $10 dollars

    Via Trevor & Steve, There’s word of an 11th CD Meeting this is the coming Monday 8/6, @ 6:30 PM at Marietta Pizza Factory on the Square in Marietta to support Patrick Thompson for Congress. Yes, this is the 1st time ’11th CD & Meeting’ have seen print or anywhere near viability in oh, more than a decade. I know, I was @ the last one (General CD meeting). Clinton & Roy were still in office.

    Mark Fiore Daily Comics on Cage Match! ‘Bishops Vs Nuns’: (Cute):

    Thanks for the update on Margaret & Helen, the latest is a hoot. JMP

  4. Some Guy says:

    Since you asked, I say I’m going to have to do my own drinking to temporarily forget this little end-of-week gem:

    “Gov. Deal pushes for millions in state cuts”

    Never gets better, either in real terms or in coping with it.