Jeff Kazanow (D-GA06) released this statement this morning regarding the controversy surrounding Rep. Todd Akin’s comments about rape this past weekend.  Rep. Akin and Rep. Price both sit on some of the same committees, and both have made questionable comments about women’s reproductive health in the past.  As an editorial note, I, too, hope that Rep. Price distances himself from Rep. Akin, just as everyone from Mitt Romney to Ron Johnson has already done.

Kazanow Seeks Clarity in the Wake of Akin Rape Comments 

Candidate for Congress asks Akin’s colleague Price for absolute clarity in regards to stance on women’s health and reproductive rights

(Roswell, GA) In the wake of Rep. Todd Akin’s deplorable and misguided comments regarding rape to a Missouri newspaper, Jeff Kazanow, Democratic nominee in Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District, has called on his opponent, Rep. Tom Price—a colleague of Rep. Akin on the House Budget Committee and the Republican Study Committee—to clarify his stance on and knowledge of women’s reproductive rights.

“My opponent has a history of making false and misguided comments regarding women’s reproductive rights,” stated Kazanow, “and in the wake of these terrible comments from Mr. Akin, Georgians deserve to know where Tom Price stands.”

Rep. Price has previously remarked that he believes that no American woman has difficulty gaining access to birth control, although a 2010 study empirically stated that over half of women under 25 do have such difficulty.

“I call on my opponent to state, in unequivocal terms, that he condemns the remarks of Rep. Akin,” said Kazanow.  “This should not be a partisan issue; this is an issue of basic human dignity.”


Source of Price’s Previous Statements:,0,3822974.column

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  1. As a mother, a woman and a hurt individual who is beyond offend by Todd Akin’s comments, I want a response from Lulli Akin, wife of Todd Akin to this letter of mine at

    I will really appreciate if you can publish this comment so the world can read my open letter to Lulli Akin and see my digust at the very existence of Todd Akin

    Hi-Tech Mother