Ed Hula.. cause this shit still makes him happy

Openly Gay British horseman wins gold. Suck it Ann Romney.

Rest in Peace, Marvin. By all accounts you were a decent kind man, in an industry not always know for such.

Whoever this dude is. Can’t wait for the next chapter.


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  1. JMPrince says:

    Damnant quodnon intelligunt

  2. Ladida says:

    So I heard POS threatened you from the podium today with an “investigation”. Someone should tell the idiot that attempts at censorship never end well, and often backfire.

  3. JMPrince says:

    One more for an NPF here and back to the late Robert Hughes: This obit by Simon Schama is a fine one, and a memory of what an inspired & spirited curmudgeon might do with a pen:


    Below is the one simple grab sample of his writing style I could find, for of all things a short bit on ‘Star Wars:The Phantom Menace’ (1999) for the NY Daily News. He was 61 at the time, and we’ve led too much of a dissolute life to do anything but only admire such a modern day Mencken & madman.


    Truly a curmudgeon for the ages his “CULTURE OF COMPLAINT:
    The Fraying of America” Oxford University Press, (1993) is also a rant for the ages, and can be profitably read today. Even if a bit strange in the retelling. A beautiful mind indeed, even if bent a bit. JMP

  4. JMPrince says:

    Thanks Jules, It’s been a story for Willard as long ago as 1994. But as you know, it’s all Bygones with the national press, many of whom either did not understand the ramifications of our policy then, or who were too young to care or notice. Or some combo of all sorts of disinterest. But we do leave a long trail of bodies to count don’t we? In this instance? All added up, it was easily as many as were killed 67 years ago this week in the WWII atomic bombings, if we throw in Guatemala & assorted other 1980’s vintage civil wars we supported, armed, trained & participated in Central America.

    Here it’s their capos who may mostly be on any available old SOA lists. These folks were the families who organized & then paid to raise the armies, the political parties & yes, the death squads. It’s sort of like him not really knowing the actual NASCAR drivers, but the race team owners. Yeah, like that. Just damn amazing too. That was 40% of Bain’s seed capital, and they had to know who these people were. In point of fact Mitt thanks them for their early help in getting Bain started.

    Evidently plenty of secrets are buried in plenty of old files, which is why at each & every interval they were careful to be scrubbed. His tenure as Gov. of MA? Scrubbed, via strange ‘walkaway’ computer drives, ‘bought’ by the Mittster for $100 ea/per dozen. Ditto for his 2002 Olympic files and all the secret donors and lucky millionaire beneficiaries there. Ditto for most of his Bain existence. Strange no? It’s Mitt vs THE HELP. And anyone not posting $20 mill per year is beneath you & by definition THE HELP. Everywhere & everyone.

    This man makes Kerry look like a well spoken modern day hero & a good campaigner to boot by comparison. Which is saying a lot! JMP

  5. ire says:

    hell yeah.

  6. JMPrince says:

    Romney & Bain seed capital acquired from the rich supporters of Central American Death Squads, (specifically El Salvadorian):


    “Mitt Romney Started Bain Capital With Money From Families Tied To Death Squads”

    Older story somehow missed by the media:


    • Juliana says:

      JM…. thanks for adding this to the comments. I sent it to some folks at SOA Watch to see if they cared to comment about any connections to graduates. We shall see if they do. Although since the DoD now can redact all names of graduates, it’s a lot harder to make the connections.
      It certainly explains a good deal more about where the money came from.