Our convention kicked their convention in the ass.

I was honored to spend the final night of the convention with the DPG’s LGBT Caucus and Atlanta Stonewall Democrats at the Amsterdam in Atlanta…  joined by 6th Congressional District candidate Jeff Kazanow, several Democratic operatives and I’d say at least 200 activists and community members.

We are the party of inclusion, we are the party that supports our military, we are the party of equality, we are the party of the future and as long as we keep on moving forward and not backing down we will guarantee President Obama and Vice President Biden another four years…  and hopefully send them some help to the US Congress as well!

Discuss amongst yourselves.


10 Responses to #DNC2012 #Forward2012

  1. Jen B. says:

    The people fighting marriage equality are in a losing battle and they know it.

  2. Bunny Bixler says:

    Note to anyone who goes down the comment rabbit hole that we need to distance ourselves from “social issues”.

    I will NOT stand for that crap.

    Frankly the Democrats full support of Equality and reproductive health is the reason we’ve been successful in many places in this country.

    Mayors, council people, congress people, soon a US Senator.. no, not going back into the closet or sewing up my vagina to gain one vote. That cost is too high.

  3. Bunny Bixler says:

    Dr Henson… and I don’t want them back frankly.

    Our caucus’s under the Gold dome are the most unified they’ve ever been. It is from here we can rebuild. Not a false notion that being “republican light”.

    People will vote for the real thing, and not some fake.

    See Mark Taylor and Roy Barnes as example.

  4. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    The national Democratic Party put on what was, at times, a liberal freak show. Despite those moments, I will vote for President Obama’s re-election because most of the time he resists the radical left’s pressure to advance their extreme agenda.

    The Georgia Democratic Party needs to recognize that the conservative Democrat is turned off by the liberalism of the national party and disgusted with the tired insistence on supporting the traditional public education machine in this state. Just because we don’t support state & local candidates who are beholden to the NEA affiliate GAE and the GSSA, GSBA, and other foot soldiers of the status quo doesn’t mean we aren’t out there, waiting for principled Democratic leadership to step forward and give us a better choice. We need more Alisha Morgans.

    • Uncle John says:

      Lady, you’re crazy.

      • Dr. Monica Henson says:

        I’m certainly not alone. Georgia used to be the most solidly Democratic state legislature in the U.S. Not everyone who votes in Georgia is a carpetbagging Yankee Republican. There are a whole bunch of conservative Democrats who didn’t flee the party, but don’t support the national agenda on all counts.

  5. Tim Cairl says:

    Was a really fun and happy and uplifting night, and so good to see so many new faces!

  6. JMPrince says:

    Those moments you missed from the conventions: