There are only two state-wide elections in Georgia on the ballot this November, for two Public Service Commission (PSC) seats.  Each race features a Republican incumbent, Libertarians fielded a candidate in both races, Democrats only managed to field a candidate in 1 of the 2 races.

Despite being divided by regions, the PSC races are state-wide elections, so everyone in Georgia can vote in both of these PSC races this year.  One races features Republican incumbent Chuck Eaton versus Democrat challenger Steve Oppenheimer and Libertarian challenger Brad Ploeger.  The other features Republican incumbent Stan Wise versus Libertarian challenger David Staples, with the Democratic Party failing to field a candidate.

I received the following press release today from Libertarian candidate David Staples (the one that doesn’t have a Democrat in the race) touting that the anti-TSPLOST coalition of the Sierra Club’s Georgia Director Colleen Kiernan and Debbie Dooley of the Atlanta Tea Party are once again uniting to back his campaign.

It should be noted, Staples also included a long list of endorsements for his campaign, of which I am included.  Therefor I feel necessary to note that the top of the release focuses on Kiernan and Dooley (anti-TSPLOST alliance) but the bottom part includes people such as myself who were in favor of the TSPLOST.

My recommendation to every Democrat is to vote against Republican incumbent Stan Wise by casting your ballot for Libertarian candidate David Staples (again, there is NO Democrat in this race) but if you want to contribute or volunteer for a state-wide election this year, flip over to the other PSC race and support Democrat Steve Oppenheimer.

The full release from Staples is below the jump.

Anti-TSPLOST Team Endorses David Staples For Public Service Commission

October 8th, 2012

Powder Springs, GA – Named “Best Odd Couple” by Creative Loafing, The Sierra Club’s Georgia Director Colleen Kiernan and Debbie Dooley of the Atlanta Tea Party drew lots of attention for jointly opposing the T-SPLOST proposal being put before voters this past July.  The Sierra Club of Georgia and Debbie Dooley have come together again to endorse David Staples’ candidacy in his bid for the Public Service Commission seat for District 5.On July 31st, voters also spoke loud and clear that ethics is one of the most important issues in this election cycle.  Georgians far and wide have loudly proclaimed: “Ethics Matter”.  David Staples has criticized the incumbent of 18 years for a number of things, including: receiving 91% of his campaign contributions from the executives, attorneys, and lobbyists for the utilities he is charged with regulating; accepting $14,000 in gifts from lobbyists in just his current term; sleeping during Commission hearings; consistently siding with the utility instead of the consumer; and accepting $10,000 in campaign contributions just two days before voting on the case being presented by those very same contributors.

Ethics is a non-partisan issue.  It doesn’t matter whether someone is a Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Green, Independent, or any other affiliation – Ethics Matter.

The following people or groups have endorsed David Staples in his bid for the Public Service Commission and urge voters to cast their vote for David as well:

The Sierra Club of Georgia

Debbie Dooley – Atlanta Tea Party Co-Founder / Co-Organizer; Board of Directors Tea Party Patriots

Jim Powell – 2008 Democratic PSC Candidate and former Regional Director US Dept of Energy

Judge Jim Gray – Former California Superior Court Judge, Current Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate

Jimmy Norman – Executive Director, Georgians for Constitutional Government

Catherine Bernard – Public Defender

Jade Morey – Former Chairperson, Georgia Association of College Republicans

Trevor Southerland – Former Annual Fund Director, Democratic Party of Georgia

Jeff Martin – Political Activist

Tom Knighton – Owner / Publisher – The Albany Journal

Kelly Nguyen – Senior Advisor, Ga4Liberty

Bill Greene – Former Co-Coordinator for Georgia for Ron Paul

Jordan Graye – Radio DJ, B98.5FM

John Monds– Former PSC Candidate, President Grady County NAACP

Lance Lamberton – Founder, Cobb Taxpayers Association

Chuck Donovan – Former candidate, US Senate

Jeff Edgens – Former Irwinton City Councilman

A number of leaders within the the Republican and Democratic parties have also privately offered their words of encouragement and support, though they are unable to officially endorse due to rules set in place by their respective parties.  I appreciate their support and respect their wishes to remain anonymous.  It is our hope that on November 6th everyone will put partisan politics aside and vote based on the issues in this race and not the letter beside the candidate’s name

For more information, please visit David’s website at or he can be reached by e-mail at or by phone at 678-699-7062.


10 Responses to David Staples Forms Coalition of the Odd

  1. More endorsements for David Staples.
    We also got word of a possible big name endorsement coming out of Augusta… stay tuned and up to date on endorsements at http://www.votestaples.con/endorsements/

  2. Jen B. says:

    PSC is the one race I wish people would pay more attention to. Best of luck, David!

  3. Jules says:

    @Michael, well that very odd. So in a way it’s a “secret” election? I just pulled up my sample ballot and can’t find any indication about this on it…But it’s awfully good election trivia.

    Is there any way to find out who the electors are?

  4. Michael Jablonski says:

    A minor error mars Trevor’s otherwise excellent post. There are THREE statewide elections on the ballot. Voters will be asked to select a slate of 16 citizens who will be asked to cast our state’s vote for president and vice-president on December 17. The vote is hidden because the names of the candidates do not appear on the ballot. Georgia law requires that only the names of the presidential/vice-presidential candidates to whom the electors are pledged appear.

    • I love hidden elections! 🙂

      Thank you for the correction. I was lumping the Presidential election in as a “federal” race in my mind, but you are correct as our out-of-date electoral college system does make it a series of state elections instead of one massive federal election.

    • ire says:

      Its a repeat of Political Communication 3800!

  5. Well, it looks like the section at the bottom of my press release is going to apply once again. Apparently someone or some group within the GOP have insisted that party rules be followed and issued an ultimatum, leading to the following message from Ms. Bernard. I appreciate her support and have removed her name from my website. Feel free to remove / strike-out her name in the post above as well.

    “I regret that I allowed my enthusiasm for Public Service Commission reform to overwhelm my duty as a member of the GAGOP District 12 Executive Committee. I request that my public endorsement of Mr. Staples be removed from any media, and sincerely apologize to the GAGOP and the Staples campaign for any inconvenience.”

  6. The Dude says:

    You have my vote, Mr. Staples!

  7. Jules says:

    Go David Go! I plan to vote for you!