My inbox today,  from Better Georgia.

Why did conservative pundit Erick Erickson endorse Democrat and U.S. Veteran Scott Holcomb?

Well, because of you.

You are among more than 540 people who have signed a petition asking Speaker Ralston and GOP House Leaders to denounce the worst ad of this political cycle.

Your action helped draw attention to candidate Chris Boedeker’s false political attack ad that shamefully mocked the military service of Rep. Holcomb.

Erick Erickson noticed and told his radio listeners and his 68,600 Twitter followers:

I’m  proud to support Democrat Scott Holcomb for re-election in the Georgia State House. Better an honest Democrat than a lying fool.”

But Speaker Ralston is sticking with the “lying fool.” So far, he’s chosen his party over his country.

Speaker Ralston still owes Rep. Holcomb an apology.

You can turn up the heat by simply asking your friends to sign the petition you’ve already signed.

Couple comments, first, I don’t think Erick endorsed Rep. Holcomb because of little ol’me. That’s nuts. However petitions, crowd sourcing, endless FB likes, and a general drumbeat of “Boedeker’s a dumbass if he thinks going after Scott in this way will gain him anything but justifiable scorn”.

Not only scorn, negative national press and a rebuke from Sen. Cleland.


Erick Erickson calling you a “lying fool” on the radio and 68K Twitter peeps, double ouch.



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One Response to Oh, yes he did…go there

  1. DunwoodyDem says:

    Holcomb needs R leaners and independents to go his way to win his majority Republican district. The Erickson endorsement could be strategically valuable if the voters know about it. Please, think about how you can each use your personal networks to amplify this particular bit of news to reach as many voters in the 81st district as possible. Let’s remember that showing up Ralston is not the primary goal here. First, we need to get Holcomb reelected.