Steve Oppenheimer is the only state-wide Democrat running this year in Georgia and the numbers say he has been hard at work!  His campaign has raised over $180,000 for the year, and has held onto $90,000 of that for the final push.

The Republican incumbent has only $54,000 cash on hand heading into the final month of the campaign.

The press release from the Oppenheimer campaign regarding their cash on hand advantage is below the jump.

Steve Oppenheimer for Georgia PSC fundraising reports shows 2-1 cash advantage over incumbent Chuck Eaton

October 8th, 2012

Sandy Springs, Ga. –– Midnight Friday marked the end of the 3rd quarter fundraising period.  Steve Oppenheimer, a former small business owner and District 3 candidate for the Public Service Commission reported $181,000 total raised throughout the campaign –– and currently enjoys an almost 2:1 cash-on-hand advantage to his Incumbent Commissioner Chuck Eaton.

“I’m very grateful to have received such strong support from a wide cross section of Georgia voters who are concerned about having a commissioner who represents them and wants to put the public back in the Public Service Commission. Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike are all tired of the status quo on the commission, and they are looking for someone who can work to restore trust and transparency to the office that regulates our power bills and determines the future of Georgia’s energy policy,” Oppenheimer said. “Good energy policy isn’t partisan, and my number one concern is making the decisions that help put our families first. I will be the independent common sense voice for the people of Georgia, one that will fight for lower power bills, increase 21st century energy jobs and ban lobbyist gifts.”

The Incumbent Commissioner Chuck Eaton, in contrast, reported $54,000 cash on hand at the close of this fundraising quarter, much of which came from utility company executives he is charged with regulating.  According to his report with the State Ethics Commission, Eaton devoted nearly $50,000 solely to the longtime voter irritant –– robo calls.

Steve Oppenheimer is a former small business owner, the proud father of three adult sons, and a long-time community activist focused on energy and national security.


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