For those of you who don’t know, Chris Boedeker is the Republican running against Rep. Scott Holcomb, in a newly redrawn state house district.  Yesterday, a poorly made “TV ad” that looks like it was produced in a basement in Montana, was posted by Republican State Rep. Buzz Brockway over at Peach Pundit.  Brockway’s only commentary on the post is this:

GOP challenger Chris Boedeker has a new TV ad hitting incumbent Rep. Scott Holcomb for comments Holcomb made during the drug testing debate earlier this year.  Full disclosure: I’ve donated to Boedeker’s campaign.

After reading that, I assumed the video was just going to be something about Holcomb being against drug testing poor people and typical Republican talking points…  then I actually watched this video and become nothing but shocked.

Jim Galloway over at the AJC’s Political Insider has the full story.

State Rep. Scott Holcomb, D-Atlanta, says his Republican challenger has taken his reluctance to use the word “pee” on the floor of the House and turned it into a “cowardly” accusation that the lawmaker engaged in illegal drug use while serving as an officer in the U.S. Army.

Granted, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Georgia Republican do an attack ad on a veteran, but it’s still pathetic.

I’m also a little troubled that Rep. Brockway, as a donor to the campaign in question, didn’t immediately speak up to the video’s false nature…  but to his credit, he also didn’t directly endorse its contents.

After being contacted by Mr. Galloway,

Boedeker and his campaign declined to comment on the TV ad, or Holcomb’s characterizations.

What a coward.

UPDATE: The coward removed the video from YouTube…  and there was a statement issued by Senator Cleland.


6 Responses to Really, Chris Boedeker, Really?

  1. CTW says:

    Great blog! Where are you getting your election day/night coverage? The Atlas Project is going to have great election night coverage with a clips service, results updates, night-of analysis, and state-by-state digests. Check them out:

  2. Bob Roche says:

    Boedeker has hired John Garst and Rosetta Stone, his shady political consulting company, to do a hit on Rep Holcomb. He must be pretty desperate if he has to resort to attacking a good man’s reputation.

    Character assassination and smear campaigns are Garst’s specialty. His tagline is “Trust is the Issue”, but he is famous for false accusations, distorted facts, and political dirty tricks.

    Shame on you, Boedeker!

  3. Juliana says:

    Looks like Better GA has a petition we can all sign for him to apologize.


  4. ExMarine says:

    Just saw a Tweet saying that the ad has been removed.. What happened-Did Gen. Wesley Clark (Rep. Holcomb’s old boss) call Chris and tell him to get his head out of his ass?

  5. Jules says:

    Following him on Twitter is a real treat too. He’s a charmer. NOT

  6. Auntie Vera says:

    Isn’t this the nutter who is making illegal robo calls to folks in Holcomb’s district? He’s a fine one to bluster about anything. Typical.