Last weekend, John Koster flippantly referred to a terrible crime as “the rape thing.”  Below the fold is a press release from Jeff Kazanow (disclaimer: I work with his campaign) to see how this stupid, offensive comment comes right back to Georgia.

(Roswell, GA) Last weekend, Representative Tom Price held a fundraiser in Everett, Washington with radical Tea Party Congressional candidate John Koster, at which Koster expressed his offensive and misguided view that abortions should not be permitted in the instance of “the rape thing.”

Koster is just the latest in a tragic series of Republicans who have articulated scientifically inaccurate, offensive, and deplorable comments about rape, all of whom are connected to Representative Price. Indiana Senate candidate Richard Mourdock has said that rape pregnancies are “a gift from God,” and Missouri Senate candidate Todd Akin stated that women cannot get pregnant from “legitimate rape.” Price, of course, accepted $5,000 from Representative Akin, and despite public calls for him to return the money, he has refused comment on the issue.

“I have absolutely no idea where my opponent stands on the issue of rape, and what he, a medical doctor, believes about a woman’s right to terminate a pregnancy that occurred as a result of rape, and neither do the people of the Sixth District,” said Jeff Kazanow. “To me, the fact that he participated in a fundraiser for a man who flippantly refers to an absolutely disgusting crime as ‘the rape thing’ is despicable, and Georgians deserve some answers.”

“Furthermore, while I am in Georgia, talking to the people of the Sixth District about how we can pragmatically solve our fiscal problems in a bi-partisan way, my opponent is rubbing elbows in Washington State with a guy who minimizes rape to a mere ‘thing,’” continued Kazanow. “There is absolutely nothing right about this situation.” Kazanow is calling on his opponent, Representative Price, to publicly denounce the comments made by his colleagues Mourdock, Akin, and Koster, clarify his positions on abortion, and donate the tainted money given to him by Representative Akin to a charity that helps victims of sexual assault.


Source of Akin Money Claim


2 Responses to Kazanow: Where does Tom Price Stand on Rape?

  1. JMPrince says:

    Outsourced to Borowitz:

    “WASHINGTON (The Borowitz Report)—With only one day until the election, the Republican Party today released its official closing argument to the American people.

    In its entirety, the argument read as follows: “We’re strongly opposed to FEMA and health care, but basically O.K. with rape.”

    Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, said that the Party’s message of “zero tolerance toward disaster relief combined with a more easygoing attitude about rape” would lead the Party to victory on Election Day.

    “Our argument couldn’t be simpler: when God wants to create a hurricane or make a woman pregnant, big government should get out of the way,” he said.”

    It wouldn’t be funny if it was not basically true too! JMP

  2. ire says:

    There’s no way this is for real…