Romney concedes Florida this afternoon.

Billion dollar campaign, cuts off staff credit cards before the staff can even get home tuesday night. Stay Classy Romney.

Rubbing alcohol will remove that losers bumper sticker in a jiff. Trust me I know.

Nate Silver is going to get some mad ass this weekend.

Thousands of people voted for Charles Darwin, instead of Rep. Broun.  We will know more when the GA SoS releases the write in totals.

“Is this math that you do as a Republican to make yourself feel better?” – Fox News’ Megyn Kelly to Karl Rove. I believe this is might be my favorite quote ever.  The Five stages of Republican grief, explained here.

I sure hope Thomas Jefferson owned a copy of The Bhagavad Gita in his library.. or the RW nuts are going to go cray-cray if she brings her own.

File under, water is wet.

What did we miss.. oh lots I know! That’s what the comments are for.


6 Responses to Obama 332, Romney 206

  1. JMPrince says:

    More readings on Electoral Demography:

    A Reprise of the essential ‘Emerging Democratic Majority’: Via TPM:

    “Calling all 50 states the day before the election as Nate Silver did is one thing — predicting President Obama’s winning majority 10 years in advance is hard to top. Ruy Teixeira did. Since 2002, when Democrats were at a low point and sinking lower, Teixeira has consistently argued that long-term demographic trends pointed to brighter days ahead for the party. He and John Judis published a book that year, “The Emerging Democratic Majority,” that envisioned a governing majority in the next decade consisting of three rapidly growing voting blocs — women, minorities, and professionals”.

    But were did they get their data from? A Census report from 1995-96. See: “The Problem with a Really Tiny Tent”, & obvious to Census geeks for like 20 years. But no one knew when it would go off though. That’s what was hard to predict. Ditto for Ga.. perhaps, but a bit slower. Via Invictus @ The Big Picture:


  2. ire says:

    Going to hazard a guess and say this is the first (and last) post on BfD from a bus in Hong Kong.

    Can’t imagine the post-election letdown of losing a POTUS race. As anyone know who has worked on a small race it sucks. Poor guy.

  3. JMPrince says:

    Other things noted, We had more Votes for the US House than the GOP did:

    And John Lewis gives us this good idea on reforming voting:


  4. Tim Cairl says:

    Candy Crowley has a great article on about the grieving process post losing-campaign. It’s quite telling to hear past election stories.

  5. Auntie Vera says:

    from Boing Boing/GQ

    “Of all the indignities involved in losing a presidential race, none is more stark than the sudden emptiness of your entourage. The Secret Service detail guarding Governor Romney since Feb 1. stood down quickly. He had ridden in a 15-car motorcade to the Intercontinental Hotel in Boston for his concession speech. He rode in a single-car motorcade back across the Charles River to Belmont. His son, Tagg, did the driving.”—GQ.