BoehnerGrinchToday, Republicans in the US House are observing a funeral. No not this one. This one.
Boehner’s Plan B would sock it to the poor, no shock there.
The NYSE is moving to Atlanta, kinda
Cory is officially running, but not for what you think

For all the fun that was Facebook in 2012 (NSFW)
If you’re working at or near minimum wage, good news on the way
Wal-mart sells guns, ammunition and assault rifles, but not these things
Game of Thrones just got bigger and longer, but alas not uncut

This, is not a community plan for a new stadium, it’s a PR snowjob
Georgia Congressman Woodall got a few visitors at his office this week, and by few we mean hundreds
Georgia Unemployment continues to dip
Ready your last day, tomorrow is the end of the world, or an endless REM song loop


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