If this post from Politico is true and Paul Broun (R-GA) is really going to challenge U.S. Senator Saxby “Read My Lips” Chambliss, what are Democrats chances at running for Paul Broun’s Congressional seat?

This is an open question obviously, but given what little I know of the Congressional District I’m curious if a moderate female Democrat would stand a better chance at making inroads into this drawn-for-a-Republican District.

Given that 2014 is both a mid-term election year and gubernatorial election year  in Georgia, AND given that Georgia Democrats have not faired well in, oh say, all of the mid-term elections in my recent history – what kind of conditions, other than a bruising GOP primary, would have to exist to make both the US Senate race and Paul Broun’s congressional seat interesting and exciting?

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6 Responses to Where Is A Good Woman When You Need Her?

  1. Steve says:

    Well not for nothing.. as I understand it, you don’t have to live in the CD to run in the CD.. but it is a rural District so you have to be rural as well even if part of the CD is in Metro Atlanta . If you are looking for a strong woman with name rep….trace you finger down the spine of the 10th from Athens and Madison and past Millegeville. Just outside the District is Dublin.

    She will be recently divorced. presumably an owner of several newspapers in the 10th.Great speaker on the stump. Deep ties to the community. Carol Porter.

  2. Drew says:

    The 2014 Senate map is so Republican-friendly that Georgia really is one of the best opportunities to pick up a Republican seat. As measured by Obama support, the only more Democrat-friendly state with a Republican incumbent is Maine.

  3. Tim says:

    Yeah, for a mid-term run, the only chance I can see for the Senate is nominating a hard-working, likable candidate and then hoping the republicans both bruise each other like crazy in the primary AND elect a gaffe-machine. That’s a hard combination to muster in our state methinks. The other option is having multiple good candidates running in several congressional districts. That may be an even harder task given the current state of the Party in GA.

    For the congressional district, I was thinking more of a credible candidate running to help the Senate race and help local Democrats running down-ballot.

  4. Rubyduby says:

    For the specifics of the 10th, you will have to go to the person who will definitely know: Patsy Harris. That being said, I do chair a county that splits between the 4th and the 10th (crazy I know). The portion of my county that is in the 10th is the more Republican side of the county We did outreach to this side, but we turned out our base on the western side of the county (the 4th portion) to win the county for Obama.

    I don’t know the numbers for the whole district (10th), but it is crazy – I mean psycho – Republican. A moderate Dem couldn’t win there. I doubt a conservative one could. The entire area validates my argument that you can’t reason with the unreasonable.

  5. JP Stroman says:

    We might not need much for the Senate race. I mean, look how close Jim Martin came. You get a female candidate that plays to state and local issues well, and we could have a Heidi Heitkamp of our own. As for Broun’s district, I have no idea. Somebody more familiar with GA politics is gonna have to help me with that one.