af831181cd4d4198a1362db2c26ecdbaThis morning President Obama and Vice President Biden were sworn in private ceremonies.  The Vice President was sworn in early this morning at  his residence by Justice Sonia Sotomayor, becoming the fourth woman and the first Hispanic to administer the oath to the president or vice president.

The President was sworn in at 11;55 am in the White House by Chief Justice Roberts, who we presume nailed it the first time. President Obama now ties Franklin Roosevelt in the number of times he was sworn in, four.

Much is being made about the bibles the two men will use at the different events. President Obama will use the Lincoln bible, the Robinson bible and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s traveling bible. Vice President Biden will use his families 1893 bible.

Although Melanie and I attended in 2009, we’ve decided this time sitting on our butts watching it on TV is the way to go.

I love political trivia like this.

Or this.

The DFI Chairwoman has yet to make a ruling on the bangs.



One Response to Inauguration Open Thread

  1. kicked to the curb says:

    I liked the bangs better with FLOTUS’s evening attire (that dress was insane). It was less jarring when her hair was flipped out.

    Liked, not loved. Bold choice to rock the bang, so she gets a couple points for that.