happy CoffeeApparently some Cobb State House members (and the Marietta Daily Journal) don’t realize the state budget is balanced every year…by law, yeah fellas, if that’s ALL you have to concentrate on, I suggest letting the Dems find you a new job in 2014.
Avis bought ZipCar, I’m staying positive on this one and hoping for expanded service.
Yep, tired already.
Why get a home alarm system, you can just fly over your place instead.

Cliff Notes:
Need an economics primer for the fiscal cliff deal and why it’s not going to actually work? I suggest WashPo.
Boehner cursing at Reid? Yep, totally pulled a ‘Cheney’…Boasting about it later just makes you look immature. And this missed vote just makes you look positively evil not to mention dumb, stupid, short-sighted and heartless.

Gay Times:
Rhode Island and Illinois are next.
ESPN went mushy, Gay style, and it’s cute as hell.

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One Response to Mornin Reads – Cheney’s Ghost, Mushy ESPN, Cliff Diving and more

  1. Waldo says:

    Who knew bowling could be so sexy? great clip!