GrumpyCatMugToday is voting day for Cherokee County (and others). If you want some new voices and new faces not to mention new perspectives under the Gold Dome, I suggest voting for Natalie Bergeron in State House District 21. Not even just for the fact that she’s the lone Democrat running in that race, but it’s high time that the suburbs stopped sending idiots (not all, but most) to the Gold Dome and instead sent somone competent, responsive, energetic, and thoughtful.

Also on this day, Andrew Jackson defeated the British at the Battle for New Orleans, discuss.

If you’re not following the Ethics rundown in the AJC, you’re missing out. Finally someone from a major publication is tracking the contributions-freebies-legislation-kickback ball in a larger construct.

And then there’s this. Enjoy.

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7 Responses to “Special” Elections & Such

  1. JMPrince says:

    Lying as an art, the public policy advantages for the GOP, Part 999.51, here:


  2. JMPrince says:

    Things for which there are no election, and ought not to be:
    ‘Our Moloch’, NYRB, by Garry Wills

    I’ve said this many, many times, Guns have now become our god-head. We have suffered much for this hubristic blasphemy. Finally we have a great conservative and historian who recognizes this in it’s full and awful majesty of idiocy and harm. JMP

  3. JMPrince says:

    In still unhappier news, in honor of Natalie, we present a New series; How We become Russia/China: Here’s the real economics of getting to the USSC:

    “Even The Tragicomical Newly-Released Supreme Court ‘Cert. Grant’ Statistics Don’t Reveal The Worst Of It”
    Posted by Beverly Mann, Angry Bear

    Via: “Likelihood of a Petition Being Granted”

    Read it and weep once more for our country. JMP

  4. Juliana says:

    So there you have it two run-offs and newly minted GOP Senator Brandon Beach.


    State Senator, District 11

    8 of 8 Counties Reporting
    Percent Votes
    MARSHALL BERMAN(R) 1.06% 132
    JEFFREY G. BIVINS(L) 6.47% 803
    DEAN BURKE (R) 42.59% 5,283
    BRAD HUGHES (R) 7.81% 969
    MIKE KEOWN (R) 37.37% 4,635
    EUGENE MCNEASE (R) 4.69% 582
    State Senator, District 21

    2 of 2 Counties Reporting
    Percent Votes
    BRANDON BEACH (R) 57.57% 5,470
    SEAN JERGUSON (R) 42.43% 4,031
    State Senator, District 30

    3 of 3 Counties Reporting
    Percent Votes
    MIKE DUGAN (R) 87.60% 3,299
    JAMES M. CAMP (L) 12.40% 467
    State Representative, District 21

    1 of 1 Counties Reporting
    Percent Votes
    NATALIE BERGERON (D) 21.43% 691
    BRIAN LAURENS (R) 30.11% 971
    KENNETH A. MIMBS (R) 2.08% 67
    SCOT TURNER (R) 46.39% 1,496

  5. Anita Moorecock says:

    Thanks to a friend on FB I heard that the Re-Elect Charles Gregory (GOP-Cobb) is advocating GA start printing it’s own currency.–We-need-to-end-reliance-on-federal-dollars?instance=home_top_bullets

    I think that’s called forgery and the Treasury Department might frown upon it you idjit.

  6. Waldo says:

    I think Andrew Jackson was the first politician I loved to hate. Used to have a rant involving the supreme court and native Americans. The Hermitage is beautiful though.

    Ditto on the AJC ethics piece. I think they had some similar article before the primary. I know the editorial page has been filled with it for months.

    A word of caution in this Ethics debate, if something does come out of the House on this it’s probably just window dressing. The Speaker has been dragged kicking and screaming into this. Neither the speaker nor the governor wants to restore the formerly Ethics Commission power. Can’t sweep things under the rug that way. The Senate will be the ones to watch.

  7. Juliana says:

    That ethics article is madding, enlightening and long over due.

    I hope that this means the AJC will be back on beat reporting all the Gold Dome fun/sport/nitwittery for the public. It’s high time they got back in this game. Maybe I’ll resubscribe.