screen_shot_2013-02-25_at_10.16.01_amThat’s right, all the links below have some element of the ridiculous and the awful.

The “S” word and what it means to Georgia.

Finger pointing, because yeah sure that’s a mature way to lead.

Keep it up old white guys. Yes, I realize that’s a double entendre.

Speaking of morally  corrupt old white guys….looks like he doesn’t get to keep the shoes. Awwwwwwwe

Pat Buchanan said what? Oh Dear.

My guess, totally self-serving.

Rep. Austin Scott for the WIN.

File under sh*t I already knew, but now, with numbers!

We know how you feel Janet.

*Thanks to frequent commenter JMPrince for this title.


5 Responses to Giant Chasm of Dreck*

  1. JMPrince says:

    Dreck made manifest: Banksters Div.:

    Or ‘The Shock Doctrine’ made manifest, Sequester Style:

    “Lords of Disorder: How the Big Banks Are Designed to Prey off Our Economic Misery” By RJ Eskow of CAP for Alternet. 3/1/13:

    “Corporate Profits Are Eating the Economy” via The Atlantic:

    “Here are two things that are true about the economy today.

    (1) The Dow Jones industrial average is poised to set a new record as corporate profits stretch to all-time highs.

    (2) There are still fewer working Americans today than there were before the start of the Great Recession.

    The fact that these two things can be true at the same time might outrage you. But it shouldn’t surprise you. In the last 30 years, there has been a great divergence between growth and workers’ incomes, as the New York Times reminds us today (3/4/13)…”

    See Also: Bloomberg Notices that we’re keeping the banks afloat with a $83 Billion per year subsidy. Fix the sequester? With oh, $830 Bill over a decade? Done. Don’t do it anymore.

    File under: # Never gonna to happen, & Suffer the children, Gladly. JMP

  2. JMPrince says:

    Still more Dreck! Sequestronics Version.

    We need to start again with the basics. We don’t have a deficit problem presently. We’ve got a employment crisis, and a persistent demand shortfall.

    “Deficit Is Falling Dramatically, But Only 6% Know That”
    By Dave Johnson | February 26, 2013
    “There is no deficit problem. The deficit is down about 50 percent as a share of gross domestic product just since President Bush’s fiscal year 2009 deficit and is falling at the fastest rate since the end of World War II. Yet the Washington debate is about how and where to cut us back into recession. Why?”

    But if it were only about the money or the deficit. It’s all about Governance. Some people want it. Some people want a nullification crisis & none.

    “Five Myths About the Sequester”
    By: Thomas E. Mann and Norman J., 2/28 Wash Post & Brookings Ornstein

    Again, what it means for you, Economist Mark Thoma writes for CBS MarketWatch:

    By MARK THOMA / MONEYWATCH/ February 28, 2013, 3:09 PM
    “Sequester will mean lost jobs and less growth”


  3. JMPrince says:

    What the imminent end of the Voting Rights Act may mean for you. Via The Atlantic:

    Democratic leader Stacy Abrams mentioned in Slate’s coverage of the story:

    Still more dreck, natch’. JMP

  4. JMPrince says:

    More dreck, now with Big Think. The AmerCon (!) notices that extreme reactionary & revanchist ideologues really don’t help much of anyone, except certain favored elites. And then comes the inevitable long decline.

    A cracking good read here:

    “The right needs less Ayn Rand, more Flannery O’Connor”.

    By ANDREW J. BACEVICH • February 6, 2013 Conservatism

    But of course the man’s a Democrat at heart, right?

    But you wanted the longer cultural decline with all too deadly hopeless imperial historical parallels here too. Here it is, where no one was looking for it: Spain.

    “Yesterday’s Spain, Today’s America
    How the conquistadors’ empire undermined stability at home”.

    By JAMES P. PINKERTON • January 7, 2013

    It’s all about how we construct and regulate the markets too. Another good read. Enjoy! JMP

  5. JMPrince says:

    Err thanks! We now present our photo series: The day before yesterday. Or what John Lewis saw & why the Civil & Voting Rights Acts were necessary:

    What did the world look like 50 YA? In too many ways, it was decidedly more deadly drecky, for a variety of sad but predictable reasons. Via The Atlantic: The Pics:

    But you wanted that in color too. Here it is from the late great Gordon Parks:

    But hey, Bygones as they say, Old Times. Segregation in schools is back & seemingly the USSC wants the State’s rights version returned too. Lest we forget the continuing struggle. JMP