blog_icon_fistupIt’s been a while since I had the nerve, energy, and interest in blogging.  Basically, I lost my mojo.  I think it’s coming back.  Slowly.  Several things have prompted the return of said mojo.

First, I finally made it down to the Gold Dome to lobby my State Senator.  I joined my buddies from the Fulton Dems and Planned Parenthood for Women in the Halls last week.  It was a remarkable and satisfying experience, and I even shared a hallway the Governor Deal.  Women in the Halls is a great program!  A bit of coffee, a bit of training, and a bit of activism, all in a couple of hours.  If you’ve never made the trip down to talk to your legislators, please don’t wait as long as I did!

Second, over this past weekend I was informed that the Democratic Party of Georgia is still using my quote regarding the Yellow Dog Club, of which I was an early adopter, but of which I have since become a former member.  Amazing.  Thanks to a number of horrid and untrue accusations and implications last year, I was forced to resign my 5th Congressional District Chair position and end all affiliation with the DPG.  For leadership at the party to continue using my sincere and thoughtful quote in their attempt to gain additional Yellow Dog members is, well, it’s pathetic.  Members of the Executive Committee and the State Committee should be asking themselves:

Why would the party leadership continue to use the quote from someone they worked so hard to remove?
Aren’t there any current Yellow Dog members who could provide a quote for their flyers?

So, my recommendations to you, dear readers, are to:  a) head down to the Gold Dome and talk to your legislators; and  b) don’t pledge to the Yellow Dog club until the DPG can come up with some fresh insight into why you should do so.


6 Responses to I’m back.

  1. Amanda Hugenkiss says:

    The comms director reads this blog…a response?

  2. CatherineAtlanta says:

    Oops, I failed to clarify. While the quote is the same as on the original flier, it is now from “Catherine Smith, FORMER 5th Congressional District Chair”.

    • Erik says:

      That makes it even worse! If they were just using up old flyers it would be one thing, but actually using a updated form but not being able to find new people to give quotes? That is just pathetic.

  3. Hillary Speaks For Me says:

    You will always be on my She-Ro list!

  4. Waldo says:

    I wonder if that could be seen as plagiarism. I’m also assuming that the individual that put your quote on the flier is no longer at the DPG either. Intellectual property?

  5. Anita Moorecock says:

    SMH, on them using your quote. Damn, I’m not sure which of my files labeled “Hideously Tacky” to place that under. Hold on I’m looking:

    ~Hard working Democrats Sued by DPG
    ~Hard working Democrats Fired by DPG
    ~Hardworking Democrats Threatened by DPG
    ~Hardworking Democrats Bullied on FB by DPG

    Hum, looks like I’ll have to start a new folder for this idiocy

    After reading what went on with the GOP mass precinct meetings last weekend, and this.. it’s pretty clear that both party structures are broken.

    Heck the oldest political party in the world the Catholic Church even lost their leader today.