My inbox this morning tells me that one of our favorite State Representatives and newly minted Democratic House Caucus Treasurer, David Wilkerson, along with freshmen State Rep. Kim Alexander, have introduced the “Tax Accountability Act of 2013.”

Rep. Wilkerson, in an e-mail to supporters this morning, says:

Last week, the Ways and Means Committee of the Georgia State House heard a presentation on House Bill 148, also known as the Tax Accountability Act of 2013.  State Representative Kim Alexander (D-Dallas) and I have co-sponsored the bill.

Currently, tax breaks can be passed with little notice, no input from the public and without a clear understanding of who benefits and how much. The Tax Accountability Act of 2013, if passed, would require that all new tax breaks be proposed in the first year of a two year legislative session. The economic impact of any tax break would then be studied during the first year and voted on by the General Assembly in the second year.

If passed, the Tax Accountability Act of 2013 ensures any tax breaks given by the legislature will have a positive economic impact on Georgia and that special interest tax breaks are no longer hurried through the legislative process.

Tax breaks are one incentive to boost economic growth in Georgia. However, we must ensure that any tax break benefits the state’s economy as a whole and is properly vetted before being passed into law.

I am hopeful that the bill will get a full hearing in front of the Ways & Means committee in the coming weeks and looks forward to the passage of HB 148.

You can view the proposed legislation here.


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