Literally the only picture of Trevor on the internet

Literally the only picture of Trevor on the internet

Many of you know Trevor Southerland.  He’s a regular contributor here at Blog for Democracy, the co-founder of Southeastern Campaign Group, and a former Libertarian.

Well, Trevor is abandoning us all.  Sure, he’s starting an incredible new job in Michigan as the Finance Director of the Michigan Senate Democratic Caucus.  Sure, it’s a great opportunity for him and his family.  But he’s leaving us.  And that’s not cool.

So, therefore, we are all holding an event for him this Thursday, March 14, at the place Trevor considers most holy- Manuel’s Tavern.  We’ll get there around 6 pm, and if you want to join us in castigating Trevor, we encourage you to join us, too.

We even made a new-fangled Facebook Event for the occasion.  You can look at it here.

I will be attempting to roast Mr. Southerland, maybe.  But if you have better jokes than I do, please bring them.


One Response to Ta Ta, Trevor

  1. Jules says:

    Would dearly love to attend, but I’ll be in NYC for St.Pats or something..

    Of course I wish Trevor all the very best in his new job, and new state. He’s going to hit me up for all those rich donors names I have in MI as soon as he’s settled, so I know I’ll hear from him!