school-busSo remember last fall when folks voted for private charter schools and various “Leftist Front Groups” like the PTA, Georgia School Superintendents Association, state’s school superintendent, John D. Barge, and others warned y’all there would be big paychecks in it for folks who championed these paid for taxpayer private schools?

Oh come on you remember…

Well today one guy at least is likely to begin taking home $10,000 a month for his “foundation” work. Congratulations Dan Weber on your new gig. But don’t be surprised if not everyone is lining up to clap you on the back and help you carry your personal effects into your new office.

Marietta City Schools agreed to pay $16,800 in dues, but one school board member, Brett Bittner, opposed it, saying, “I don’t like the idea of having taxpayer dollars going toward advocacy.”

Oh Brett, bless your heart… that quote alone will get you tagged by someone. Don’t be surprised if you are asked to retract it in 48 hours. Or if it appears on opposition campaign literature in your next election.

Our dear friend Ben Harbin had this to say, and my oh my it’s so special, especially coming from him.

Harbin said, “When you have a hand in drafting something and a few years later are making money off of what you have drafted, there should be some questions asked.”

Because Weber left the General Assembly in 2010, he was not prohibited from registering to lobby during the 2013 session.

“Why do they need a charter system association?” Harbin asked. “That makes no sense to me. Are they going to be like other public school (groups) up here begging us for more money every year?

Why indeed, Mr. Harbin, why indeed. Dangnabit what the heck with those public school groups having the nerve to lobby their elected officials for the billions you all have cut from education, when it’s so clear that our children is learning!

I can’t wait to hear with the Governors spokes person will have to say on this important matter. He’s always so pithy and informative.


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