AbbyMartinHomelessThat was the answer to the question posed by the Atlanta Press Club last evening “What is the Future of the Democratic Party of Georgia”. Our illustrious Chairman answered for all of us by saying the following:

On fundraising: “I’m in the nonprofit business. I’m not interested in banking as much money as I possibly can,” the chairman said. Clearly, we know, we’ve all seen the disclosures-Andre keeps us well informed.

On pushing back against some atrocious GOP policies:  Berlon rejected this “Calling people names doesn’t work for us,”  *Cough* unless they are hardworking volunteers, then he’s totally fine with it.

On supporting Republicans: as we all have read previously DPG efforts went to help elect Republican Regina Quick to the House. Maybe he wants to help support the GOP Senate candidate in 2014!

But wait theres more

He is “negotiating” with our Senate candidates… oh really.  What is he got to offer them exactly? Our bylaws prohibit backing anyone pre-primary so curious what such a public declaration gets us. Well I feel sorry for those poor saps. Oh wait.

To round things out, and because everyone isn’t shocked speechless, he doubles down by blaming former Gov Roy Barnes.


Simply stunning.

Nothing to see here move along, join the Republicans for popcorn I understand they’ve been making it fresh for days now.



16 Responses to Poor, Impotent and Supporting Republicans

  1. Jill says:

    It’s too bad no one thought to ask Lurch why he continues to harass the Young Democrats and what he hopes to gain from it. They are the only future this party has.

  2. Jack says:

    So he didn’t address it – he just sent people down there to allow the committee to choose who they wanted to lead them? I don’t really see a problem with him letting people choose who they want to lead them.

    Not to mention, this is pretty much the territory of the State County Committee Vice Chair, is it not? You have a Congressional District chair and a county party involved – sounds like it should go to RJ.

    We need to understand what delegation is. It is not Mike’s job to recruit candidates for the state house. It is not Mike’s job to handle every squabble in the county parties. We have other people within the organization that handels it. Do you think Obama handels every matter in the DOD, State Department, Treasury, FBI, CIA, NSA, etc etc? No, because it would be wasteful and inefficient.

    • Anita Moorecock says:


      Lets never, ever compare Berlon with Obama again.

    • AtlDem says:

      Jack, you’ve found the problem!

      RJ is not allowed to do his job, nor are other Executive Committee members, state committee members or staff. And if you speak up, you go away, just like the many state committee members and staff that Berlon has run off for not falling lock step behind him.

      Also, while it may not have been Mike’s job to recruit candidates, it was his job to form a coordinated campaign to help candidates. He didn’t. He took the well over $200K from candidate filing money that should have gone to the coordinated campaign to instead fill the hole of the 2012 JJ short fall. Wonder where he will find that money this year?

      • Bitchsayswhat says:

        DPG will likely have to let some folks go.

      • Jack says:

        RJ’s job is not contingent on Mike’s permission. RJ is an elected official and has a right to act in his own capacity. Mike cannot dismiss RJ. The only way RJ can be removed is through the State Committee voting to impeach him.

        Furthermore, I believe the “coordinated campaign” that people should have been running with was the Obama/OFA group.

        And also, as long as we are blaming electoral results on the Chair, maybe we should give Mike credit for helping John Barrow keep his seat? I mean, again, you can’t blame Mike for every bad thing and then ignore that victory as well.

        • Jill says:

          I agree RJ and others have a right to act in their own capacity, but unfortunately that right is neither respected or even acknowledged by this chair or his backwoods cronies. Together, they excel only at making life miserable for anyone capable of rational thought. Stupid is as stupid does.

  3. Jason says:

    The funniest thing about this article is the lack of an Oxford comma. Impotent Republicans… snicker.

  4. Anita Moorecock says:

    @Jack, you make excellent points…. so it’s even more puzzling as to why Mike would take credit for it in public!

    Most everyone is politically sophisticated to realize Ms. Quick was a viable opportunity, in an extreme situation.

    However we are mystified as to why the party Chairman puts this in his win column.

    • Jack says:

      Great question. I wonder if maybe we can get Stacey and Mike into the same room and they can explain that together?

      It is facetious to be mad at Mike for helping Regina, but then get mad that “he took credit for it.” If he took undeserved credit, then he actually didn’t do it, correct?

      • Waldo says:

        I think you are doing a great disservice to Abrams. Quick’s election victory had many hands, including democrats.

        Abrams has a lot more accomplishments. Like keeping the slim chance of viable minority party (one vote away), hearding the cats at the legislature (WAY harder than it looks), recruiting candidates not to mention representing her district. She has lead changes to the caucus which I think makes them better at media relations, community relations, and sing from the same hymn book as much as cats can. Oh, did I mention she is a publish author, mentor to young women and wasn’t there something about a Kennedy service award?

        • Jack says:

          Well, our one-vote-away didn’t help us with the Fulton vote. Your analysis also glosses over the fact that she agreed to Deal’s changes to HOPE – in fact she is a cosigner on the bill. Furthermore, she can’t even get her caucus members to pay dues.

          I’m not saying everything is her fault, but she has plenty of blemishes on her short record in leadership as well.

          My point in all this is that there is a whole crowd that is “blame Mike.” Got a hangnail? Mike had something to do with it. Stub your toe? Mike must have tripped you. And they need to get over that, or at least put their feelings aside until we get past the gubernatorial election. There will be chair elections immediately following.

  5. Jack says:

    You do realize the House Caucus led the effort to support Regina quick. Sent mailers out for her. Stacey Abrams, the Dem. House Caucus leader, did a robo call for her. Members of the House Caucus held a fundraiser for her.

    Now, I understand we all want to jump on the Hate-Mike bandwagon, but remember that it was Stacey Abrams driving the cart on that one.

  6. Lampen says:

    Berlon was an unfortunate choice for this role. His only strategy seems to be insuring his own survival by purging the party of anyone who disagrees with him. His lack of focus has left a giant gap for groups like Better Georgia to drive through. Fortunately, Bryan Long not only picks up DPG slack on a daily basis, but correctly calls BS. If Democrats are to survive, they need someone like Long to take charge.